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Sumo Seeds

Sumo Seeds

Sumo Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that’s based in Maastricht, Holland. They have a large catalogue of over 30 feminized and autoflowering cannabis strains with which they have won many prizes.

This seed bank stands out thanks to its many years of cannabis genetic research. They have gone through extensive breeding and selection processes which doesn’t go unnoticed in the quality of their hybrids, which are potent plants that are incredibly stable, potent and flavourful.

What Cannabis Strains Does Sumo Seeds Sell?

From Amnesia Ganja Haze, a highly potent combination between an Amnesia Haze and a Silver Buddha Haze to Sumo’s OG Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid between Mystery OG Kush x California Kush, or the super-quick outdoor strains Cold Thunder, Blue Nitro Haze or Maya Gold.

Sumo Seeds also has plenty of CBD-rich strains in their catalogue such as CBD Kong’s Kush or CBD Cherry Kush.

Sumo Seeds is a seed bank that offers growers a wide variety of high quality strains at super competitive prices.

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