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TGA Subcool Seeds

TGA Subcool The Dank

Subcool’s The Dank, previously known as TGA Subcool Genetics (also known as The Green Avengers) is a seed bank created by the breeder Subcool. After losing his home in the California fires of October 2017, Subcool decided to relocate and reopen his bank in Arizona using a different name.

After the tragic fire, Subcool widened his breeding circle in order to grow and breed new strains, who worked super hard to add to Subcool’s The Dank catalogue.

TGA Subcool Seeds Cannabis Strains – What to Expect

Their seed catalogue is full of high quality regular strains with varying characteristics (most of them are both recreational and medicinal). Subcool’s The Dank has various different testers within their ranks, who provide research and experience obtained from years of growing.

Some of their most well-known strains are sweet strains such as JellyBean, the strong and citric Space Bomb, Agent Orange which is famous for its yield, or the resinous and dark Chernobyl. Subcool’s The Dank seeds come in packs of 5 and 10.

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