CBD, Extracts and Cleaners

CBD, extracts, cleaners

In this category, you can find a wide range of products and all types of resin extractors for dry extracts, ice extraction, gas extraction, and all of the tools needed to make Rosin extracts from your cannabis harvest.  You can also find CBD products, the best precision scales, books about growing and the most efficient toxin cleaners.

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CBD is one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, which lacks psychoactivity and has many possible therapeutic benefits. CBD stimulates your body’s natural response and nervous system regarding stress, anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation etc.

At La Huerta Grow Shop we sell many CBD products, legal in Spain, meaning that we only ship within Spanish territory, except for CBD e-liquids which we ship to all of Europe.

Within our CBD product section, you can find flowers and extracts for aromatic use, e-liquids with CBD made using original cannabis flavours such as Cookies, Amnesia, Kush etc. This section also contains cosmetics and CBD oils, CBD massage creams, and hydrating creams which contain CBD.

The Best Resin Extraction Products

Consuming cannabis in concentrated format is a tradition that has lasted for millennia, which is why there are many different ways to extract cannabinoids. From classic dry extraction to modern Rosin: check out the possibilities in the Resin Extract section.

Dry Extracts

The traditional way of separating resin from flowers has been updated, and it’s a great way to easily get hash.

  • Shake Me: this affordable extractor is ideal for making the most of your leftover leaves with resin or small buds.
  • Polenmaker: this can hold up to 570cc, and it has a steel grid designed to offer the highest quality in manual extraction. This extractor is efficient and sturdy.
  • Plus, we also have electric extractors that make this job even easier, such as the Secret Box 150, which can hold up to 150, or the professional Pollinator 500 and Pollinator 3000, which has a 150 micron mesh and can hold 500g and 3kg, respectively.

Ice Extraction

Check out our catalogue if you want to find everything needed for making your own ice extract or water hash. This type of extraction allows you to obtain different quality extracts in each filter bag. We recommend checking out the Ice-o-Lator Water Hash section, where you can find the best filters, filter packs and full ice extraction kits and devices used to dry ice extracts.

BHO Extracts

BHO extracts are made using refined gas designed to pull cannabinoids from your cannabis flowers. If you’re looking for tools for making your own BHO, you’ll find tools from simple manual extractors designed for a small amount of material, to professional closed circuit extractors.

You can also find all types of accessories needed to obtain high quality BHO such as vacuum pumps, extraction kits, kits for purging your extracts and everything needed to handle your extract.

Rosin Extracts

If you want to make your own Rosin, we also have the best rosin presses on the market. From the basic Tarik press to the full range of Qnubu presses and the best Secret Smoke presses. You can also find parchment paper and filters designed for making Rosin, as well as everything you need to store and handle your extract such as dabbers, silicone containers etc.


We also have the best presses designed for packing your hash into cubes and slabs; the Jack Puck press is ideal for making fast and simple cylindrical or rectangular hash slabs.


Buy the best terpenes here, designed to add original flavours and aromas of some of the best cannabis strains in the world.

Precision Scales

If you’re looking for scales in order to control your cannabis yield or solid fertilizer doses, we recommend checking out our scale section. Here you can find the best scales on the market, as well as different models designed to cover all of your needs. From portable scales to professional scales, perfect for associations and cannabis dispensaries.

The Most Effective Toxin Cleaners

Toxin cleansers can be incredibly helpful for regular consumers, especially if you have a drug test at work. With the current methods used to test for cannabis, it’s possible to show a false positive in the days following consumption. Toxin cleansers can avoid quite a bad experience.

Our catalogue has a wide range of tried and tested products; if you use them correctly you’ll be able to avoid any possible issues. For example, Kleaner, Magnum or Zydot Euro Blend.

Books and Magazines

If you would like some light reading while also learning all about growing cannabis, we recommend checking out our books and magazine section. There you can find books by the renowned author and photographer, Jorge Cervantes, who specializes in growing cannabis, as well as other books which are constantly updated.

  • If you’re looking for a complete book about growing cannabis, we highly recommend “Marihuana: Cannabis Horticulture”. This book contains all information regarding cannabis that you’ll need; infestations, illnesses, nutrients, resin etc.
  • If you need a guide for indoor growing, we recommend “Indoor Growing. The 10 Keys to Indoor Gardening”, which combines basic information and the latest techniques. This book is a step-by-step guide designed to help you to grow cannabis indoors.

If you have any questions regarding the scale for you, toxin cleansers, or how to make high quality resin extracts from your plants, make sure to get in touch with our team of experts here at La Huerta Grow Shop.

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