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CBD Flowers

CBD Flowers

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most important cannabinoids in cannabis plants.

CBD is found in different proportions, depending on the strain. It can currently be found in various strains, which are bred breeders for this exact purpose.

CBD hardly interacts with our body’s CB1 endocannabinoid system receptors. This means that it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects, however over the last few years CBD has become quite popular in the medical community due to being found to have multiple benefits. Additionally, many patients have also contributed by saying that their issues improved after using CBD.

For example, Charlotte Figi’s parents’ fight for treating their daughters’ Dravet Syndrome with CBD and the recover of their daughter from 300 attacks a week to just three or four a month was a massive step for considering cannabis as a medicinal plant. When this case became public, the pressure made it possible for the US to modify their strict laws regarding therapeutic cannabis. Charlotte passed away on April 7th in 2020 due to pneumonia, but her influence was such that the state of Colorado declared April 7th Charlotte Figi day.

Differences Between Cannabis and Hemp

While it's true that these plants come from the same species, Cannabis Sativa L, in legal regards, there’s a difference between what’s considered to be cannabis or marijuana and hemp. 

  • Plants which contain THC levels over 0.3% are considered cannabis or marijuana plants.
  • Plants which have a THC content lower than 0.2% are legally classified as industrial hemp and can be registered in the catalogue of agricultural species destined for industrial growth.

Medicinal use of CBD

CBD from plants classified as industrial hemp has been proven to help with treating diverse issues. As of now, it’s being studied to treat convulsions, depression, anxiety, nausea, inflammation, tumours and psychosis. There’s a growing demand for products with high CBD contents, and consumers are more and more aware of the medicinal potential hidden in this cannabinoid. Other European countries have legalized CBD long ago, whereas in Spain more and more CBD-oriented stores can be found, including products found in tobacco stores.

Recreational use of CBD

Seed banks have contributed to providing growers and the general public with knowledge about cannabis with low THC content and high amounts of CBD. It has gone from being just a medicinal plant to being consumed by recreational consumers also, who are looking for buds that won’t get them stoned but allows them to scratch that itch. This is good for:

  • Reducing tolerance; when you regularly consume THC you can do this to enjoy its potent effects again.
  • Scratching the itch of smoking a joint when you need to stay lucid.
  • Recovering from a bad trip if you’ve smoked too much, or ingested too much THC. CBD can reduce the effects produced by THC, helping you to recover fast.

CBD isn’t illegal, but it also isn’t approved for human consumption, nor Medicinal or Alimentary societies, meaning it can be used in aromatherapy, prepping skin products, or as a collector’s item.

CBD Flowers

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find the best strains of flowers with CBD, perfectly preserved, at the best prices.

Flowers with CBD found here are obtained from legal, ecological grows. These flowers contain less than 0.2% THC, and do not produce any sort of psychoactive effects. Their CBD content is between 10 and 20%, depending on the strain.

These flowers are grown from certified seeds, have no sort of chemical additives and have not been treated with fungicides or pesticides. Hemp buds are grown ecologically in healthy environments in order to achieve the highest quality product. Additionally, sexed plants are obtained in order to produce sinsemilla flowers and increase CBD content.

Among the CBD flowers stocked at La Huerta Grow Shop, you can find:

  • Strawberry Cake, high quality flowers with a delicious, sweet and flowery mandarine flavour.
  • Mars Hemp has an intense earthy aroma.
  • Fruity Q, a container of potent flowers that combine fruity and earthy flavours.
  • Tropical Kush with a Kush aroma and an interesting bittersweet flavour.
  • Gin Tonic, which surprises with its tropical, citric flavour.
  • Green Candy, with a pleasant fruity aroma.

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can acquire all CBD products legal in Spanish territory; due to this fact, we only ship CBD products within the Spanish peninsula and territory. CBD products are exclusively designed for topical use, aromatic use and for collectors.

In addition, it’s worth noting that the WHO declared CBD as non-addictive and not harmful to our health, adding the possibility that it has therapeutic properties, and in January of 2020, the World Antidoping Agency retired CBD from their list of world-wide prohibited substances.

Remember that the information provided here regarding CBD’s potential is extracted from scientific and official studies. If you have any issues or medical problems, check with your doctor; these products do not substitute medical treatments.

If you have any questions about these CBD products, you can get in touch with our team of professionals here at La Huerta Grow Shop and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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