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BHO Oil Extraction


BHO Oil Extraction

What is BHO?

BHO or Butane Hash Oil is a cannabinoid extraction technique that uses refined gas designed to cause trichomes to fall off.

The result is an extract that solidifies as a crystal when cooled, and turns into a sort of honey-like substance when warm. BHO is a common extract in dispensaries and clubs in the main cannabis capitals of the world.

It can be obtained via various methods, which has given way to different types of BHO such as Wax, Shatter, Budder, Honeycomb, Crumble Wax, Live Resin etc.

The BHO technique involves passing gas through a tube that contains your flowers or trimmings with trichomes, making for quite the pure extract. Unlike other dry extract methods, you can’t reuse the leftover materials.

What BHO Extractor Should I Choose?

Our catalogue has a wide range of BHO extraction systems designed to fit the needs of all growers.

Manual Extractors

Manual extractors are great for consumers that are just starting out when it comes to BHO extracts. The Roller Extractor and a few Colibri Gas bottles are the cheapest way to make BHO.

The Roller Extractor is a BHO extraction tube designed for home use, made using stainless steel; it’s incredibly easy to use and works using gas. In order to use it, simple place your ground weed in the tube.

Check out our catalogue for three different sizes:

  • M 150, which holds 10g.
  • L 200 which holds 15g.
  • XL 300 which holds 30.

The Roller Extractor L Model is also in our Cannabis Oil Extract Kit, alongside a vacuum chamber and pump, silicone tubing, normal and carbon filters, and four bottles of colibri gas.

Semi-closed Extraction Circuit

If you enjoy BHO extracts, the best way to go is by using a semi-closed extractor system. Our page has a wide range of extraction systems designed to cover all needs. Some of our models have a chamber designed for adding ice and dry ice, unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise, and they’re available in different sizes designed to fit different amounts of material; from 100 grams to 1100 grams: 100g, 250g, 550g, and 1100g with no chamber.

Closed-circuit Extractors

In closed circuit extraction systems, the gas is recovered and can be re-used. These are the most used systems when it comes to professionals and associations; apart from saving by reusing the gas, they’re also safer and better for the environment. You can find different closed circuit extractors on our page; from 150 grams to 4400 grams: 150g, 350g, 550g, 1100g, 2200g, 3300g, 4400g.

The Best Way to Purge BHO Extracts

Once you’ve made your extract, the next step is purging the gas that’s left over. Butane, one of the most used gases for BHO extraction, is flammable, explosive and toxic; this is why it’s incredibly important to purge your extract before consuming. In order to do this, you can use one of two methods:

Extraction chamber, heating base, and vacuum pump: this is the most affordable option, ideal for consumers that don’t make BHO often.

The more professional option uses a vacuum oven and pump, this is more recommended for those that make BHO very often such as clubs or dispensaries.

Extraction Chamber

The vacuum extraction chamber is connected to the vacuum pump using a silicone tube and held in using the included clamps. The pressure exerted by the pump removes any gases from the extraction.

Out catalogue has two different sized extraction chambers:

  • 1.5L capacity, 150 cm interior diameter, 22 cm tall.
  • 4L capacity, 21 cm interior diameter, 28 cm tall.

Heating Plate

The Premier Sliders Warner XH-2002 heating plate has a temperature adjuster and internal thermostat. It’s much safer when it comes to adjusting temperatures compared to traditional bain-marie methods. This stops you ruining your extracts due to excess heat.

Vacuum Oven

This is the professional way to go if you’re not using an extraction chamber; this is the ideal system for purging large amounts of extract, and it’s super sturdy. These professional ovens are used in lab settings and allow you to control the entire process down to the last detail. We stock 25L and 53L vacuum ovens on our page.

Vacuum Pump

These pumps are professional compressors that, when connected to the oven chamber, generate the necessary vacuum effect to purge the gas.

You can find various models in this section:

  • The Robinair 75 L/Min vacuum pump: this is ideal for connecting to your extraction chamber.
  • Two-stage vacuum pumps; 2 CFM, 6 CFM, 10.6 CFM, designed for using with vacuum ovens. These movems have a KF25 vacuum connector, like the ovens. They also come with the necessary clamps and an exhaust oil mist filter. 

Gas Extraction Kit

With the gas extraction kit you get absolutely everything you need to get rid of gas from your extracts; extractor chamber, pump, silicone tube and clamps; all at a convenient price.

BHO Accessories

Here you can find everything you need to handle, store, work with and consume your BHO extracts:

Keep in mind that working with dangerous gas requires extreme caution. If you want to make a high purity extract without any type of risk, we recommend making rosin extracts.

If you have any questions regarding BHO at La Huerta Grow Shop, make sure to get in touch with our team of professionals.

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