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Ice-O-Lator Water Hash


Ice-O-Lator Water Hash

There are many different ways to extract cannabinoids from cannabis, producing different textures and concentrations depending on the method used. A popular method among growers is Ice-O-Lator, also known as Water Hash, Bubble Hash, Full Melt and more. 

What is Iceolator? 

Iceolator or Water Hash is a type of hash extracted from flowers and leftover trimmings using water, ice and filters. The filters should be different in size, allowing you to extract various rounds of hash in different qualities (thinner or thicker, depending on the filter). 

How to Make Iceolator 

In order to make your own water hash at home, you’ll need a few things

  • Buds or leftover trimmings. 
  • Different sized trichome filters. 
  • 2 buckets or a washer. 
  • Ice and water (preferably distilled). 
  • Vacuum pump or freeze dryer (optional for a quick, complete drying process). 

This method involves using water and ice to separate trichomes from your plan material. This water is then put through the filters; different sized filters are used in order to obtain different qualities of hash. 

If you’re looking for a simple process, you can check out our Resinator Pure Factory Resin Extraction Kit, which contains: 

  • A portable washer: this will move the ice and bag with your plant material around for you. 
  • A pyramid mesh bag for your plant material. 
  • 3 filters; 220, 70 and 38 microns. 
  • A digital thermometer with a sensor that allows you to control the temperature during the entire process. 

The washer that comes with this kit can help you to save a lot of time, as well as providing ideal results. It should be placed up high with a bucket on the ground into which your water should pour, and where your filters should be. Fill it up halfway using cold water and ice until the water is at about 4°C (this can be checked using the included thermometer). 

Place your buds in the pyramid-shaped bag so that no plant material gets into the water, and place it in the Resinator for 3 – 8 minutes. Once the process is over, remove the bag and squeeze it to remove any excess water and drain the water into your bucket, with the filters placed in the following order; smaller to larger microns, so that the largest micron filter is on the top. Then, remove the filters one by one and squeeze them. The first filter should only contain the leftover larger chunks, and the rest should contain the resin. 

Filters for Water Hash

As well as this complete kit, La Huerta Grow Shop also has the best kits and filter kits designed to make your own ice and water hash. 

Ice-O-Lator filters are known for their sturdiness and high quality stitching. If you have larger needs and require sturdy filters for continuous use, these are definitely the best option. Plus, they’re also available in indoor and outdoor formats.

Outdoor Ice-o-Lator Filters

Indoor Ice-O-Lator Filters 

*We recommend adding an additional 25 micron bag here such as the Ice-O-Lator Small Super Mini Cyrstal 25 micron bag in order to catch even the smallest trichomes and other broken trichomes that filter through the 70 micron bag.

If you want to make the most of your buds and leftovers, we recommend using the small 7 Bag Ice-O-Lator kit, which comes with 7 30cm filters. It allows you to work with up to 200g plant material in a 20L bucket. This kit allows you to achieve up to 5 different qualities of hash tanks to its varied filters.

If you’re looking for a more affordable kit that can also produce the desired results, you can check out our 3 filter Secret Icer kit, a 3 filter kit with 70, 190 and 25 microns which are 25cm in diameter and 44cm long. It produces amazing results at a more affordable price compared to other kits.

Lastly, Freeze Dryers 

A freeze dryer is designed to dry your extracts using freezing and vacuum power. These machines allow you to dry large amounts of Water Hash and Iceolator without altering it in any way (aroma, odour, appearance…). We have standard, pharmaceutical and scientific freeze dryers designed for professional and commercial growers.

In order to use these devices you’ll need a vacuum pump and a special type of oil which stops the device from rusting and degrading.

Iceolator Accessories

The best way to store your water hash is to use silicone or acrylic containers so that it doesn’t stick to the inside. 

If you’ve made your own water hash and it doesn’t quite taste as good as you had hoped, you can always add some extra flavour by using Cali Terpenes, botanically-sourced terpenes that replicate your favourite strain’s aromatic profile. You can use terpenes such as Amnesia, Jamaican Dream, Holy Grail and more in order to improve your extracts’ flavour. 

Check out our post on how to make your own water hash if you want to read about the entire process, step by step, and achieve the best results. For any other questions, get in touch with our team of experts and we’ll sort you out. 

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