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Within the many different methods of cannabinoid extractions available, there are various tools and machines that are designed to produce the best possible results. One of these tools are presses designed to making Rosin extracts, and presses designed to making hash pucks.

Hash Presses

When it comes to making your own homemade hash, you can choose different methods all of which require a hash extraction press in order to give it the right finish. Hash extracts involve removing the resin or trichomes from your buds and trimmings; make sure to remove branches and large leaves that don’t have any resin.

The most common hash extraction methods are as follows:

  • Dry extraction: this method involves freezing your plant material so that the trichomes fall off easier, and then shaking it to get them to fall off. This can be done by using extractors such as the Shake Me or the Secret Box.
  • Ice and water extraction: this extraction method is also known as Iceolator or Water Hash and it involves removing trichomes in water and ice in order to extract the hash using filter meshes in different sizes, then air drying or freeze drying. In order to compact large amounts of Iceolator, you can finish the process using a press.

Why Should I Press Hash?

Both extraction methods that we’ve mentioned produce hash (remember to correctly dry the hash obtained from water and ice). In order to make it easier to consume and to conserve the cannabinoids, hash is pressed into a solid, compact puck.

Cannabinoids decompose much faster when they’re extracted in the form of hash and aren’t pressed; this is why hash pucks tend to have a darker colour along the outside, as it oxidizes and protects the rest of the cannabinoids inside.

You can consume hash without pressing it, although it loses some properties. Pressing your hash after extracting it has various benefits:

  • It takes up less space.
  • It helps to conserve cannabinoids.
  • It’s easier to handle and consume.

If you don’t have a massive amount to press and you just want to make small hash pucks every now and then, you can use these ideally sized manual presses.

However, if you’re producing larger amounts, you can always get a Jack Puck press, available in two tonne and eight tonne formats, and in different shapes for different finishes; square and round. The moulds can be taken apart and heated up, and the press works via a hydraulic press and a handle.

Rosin Presses

Rosin is a type of cannabinoid concentrate that’s extracted via pressure and heat; using a Rosin press is necessary if what you’re looking for is a high quality result. By pressing and applying heat to your buds, they’ll begin to release an oily, sticky substance, and for the best possible return you’re going to need a machine that can exert a good amount of pressure.

Types of Rosin Press

Presses designed to make Rosin extracts can be hydraulic, pneumatic, manual or automatic.

If you have a small grow and you don’t need a large machine, you can use the Tarik T-Rex Rosin press, which has two 8.5cm pressure plates and can be heated between 100 and 105°C, capable of holding up to 0.5g.

If, on the other hand, you have a larger grow or more commercial needs, we also have a wide range of Qnubu presses. The smallest press by this prestigious bank is the Kompact 2.0 Press, a manual press that can exert up to 600kg of pressure with individual temperature adjustment on the heated pressure plates up to 200°C thanks to its digital screen.

If you have even larger needs and you want the best possible results, you can also check out the Qnubu Press VIP Auto, an automatic press that exerts up to 20 tonnes of pressure, allowing for a super easy Rosin extraction process which allows you to configure the pressure and temperature on both plates.

At La Huerta Grow Shop we have many different models of Rosin presses and hash presses, as well as all types of necessary accessories such as Rosin filters and anti-adhesive papers in order to keep your presses clean.

If you want more information regarding these presses and different cannabinoid extraction methods, get in touch with our team of professionals and we’ll help you out.

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