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Using Beneficial Soil Microorganisms for Growing Cannabis

Soil microorganisms are the silent heroes that contribute to the health of plants - a minute form of life that significantly contributes to the health and productivity of cannabis. In this article, we explain what they are and how and why to include them in your cannabis grow.
microorganismos marihuana cultivo

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What are Beneficial Microorganisms for Cannabis Cultivation?

When we refer to beneficial soil microorganisms, we mean various types of fungi and bacteria that establish a symbiotic relationship with plants; that is to say, their activity promotes the growth and development of cannabis and vice versa.

Today, it’s widely acknowledged that this microbial life present in the substrate is key for growing cannabis in organic systems, which respect nature, plants, and the environment more, while also offering higher quality yields.

Beneficial microorganisms proliferate in the so-called “rhizosphere”, which is the area surrounding the roots. They help to break down essential nutrients for the plants, protect them from harmful fungi, and enhancing the soil structure. In turn, these microorganisms feed on the sugars excreted by the plant through the roots, creating a win-win relationship that offers numerous advantages.

Benefits of Integrating “Live Soil” into Cannabis Grows

Introducing microorganisms into soil where cannabis is growing offers multiple advantages:

  • They improve soil structure: These microscopic helpers play a significant role in maintaining soil health, enhancing its physical structure, as their constant movement keeps the soil soft and spongy, facilitating root development. A substrate with a good structure encourages water retention and stays more aerated.
  • They boost the absorption of essential nutrients for cannabis: These microscopic entities can convert nutrients into a form that is more easily assimilated by the plant. There are different types of colonies that promote different functions (nitrogen-fixing bacteria, those that release phosphorus into the soil, etc). Through these processes, this network of micro-life promotes greater plant access to fertilizers, thus encouraging more robust growth.
  • They protect roots from fungi and diseases: This network of micro-guardians acts as a natural defense mechanism against soil pathogens. Notably, some of these microorganisms are also fungi, but instead of harming the plant, they benefit it; therefore, they compete with what we could call “bad fungi” for space and resources, which inhibits the pathogens from settling in. Beneficial fungi like Trichoderma destroy certain fungi that attack the roots, providing a biological defense that serves as an alternative to chemical products.
  • They assist with root development: Healthy roots are key to successfully reaching the end of flowering and harvesting copious amounts of aromatic buds. Hence, using beneficial microorganisms when growing cannabis is essential, as there are some, like mycorrhizae, that establish a symbiotic relationship with the roots, enhancing their absorption capacity and causing the root mass to expand.
how to grow cannabis outdoors
To grow large, healthy, and productive cannabis plants, it’s crucial to adequately develop their root system. The use of beneficial microorganisms greatly helps to maintain abundant, pathogen-free roots.

What types of microorganisms are beneficial for growing cannabis?

When we mention beneficial soil microorganisms, we cover a broad spectrum of different types of organisms.

Beneficial bacteria for growing cannabis

There are various types of bacteria that prove advantageous for growing cannabis plants, as they help decompose organic matter, converting it into nutrients more easily assimilated by the plants. Some types include:

  • Nitrogen-fixing bacteria: They convert atmospheric nitrogen into nutrient forms that plants can assimilate in the soil. They are especially useful for revitalizing poorly oxygenated soils.
  • Phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria: These are bacteria that transform insoluble phosphorus into formats that the plant can absorb, providing an essential nutrient for cannabis.
  • Hormone-producing bacteria: They stimulate root development, which influences the vegetative growth and vigor of the plant.

Beneficial fungi for growing cannabis

Though the term “fungus” may unsettle any grower, not all fungi are harmful to cannabis plants. In fact, there are some types that, when used when growing, can significantly improve the quality of the yields.

The fungi that enhance health and help plants develop some of their metabolic functions in a better way are:

  • Mycorrhizae: They create a symbiotic relationship with the roots of cannabis plants, enhancing the absorption of nutrients and water while keeping them healthy, strong, and free from harmful fungi.
  • Organic matter degrading fungi: They decompose complex organic matter into simpler nutrients, thereby facilitating the plant’s access to more holistic nutrition.

Beneficial protozoa and nematodes in cannabis grows

This type of microscopic beings also exist in the soil and are important for maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

  • Beneficial nematodes: They are worm-shaped microorganisms. While not all types are beneficial for plants, some indeed are, as they help keep pathogens at bay and control populations of other harmful microorganisms. They act as a natural defense system for the plants.
  • Protozoa: They consume bacteria that are detrimental to plant health while also liberating nutrients that the plants use for nourishment.

How can I introduce beneficial soil microorganisms into my cannabis cultivation?

If you want to grow cannabis organically, particularly if you’re doing so outdoors, you can benefit from these microorganisms to keep your plants healthy and productive.

For best results when applying this micro-life to the substrate, ensure to always use biological fertilizers (since mineral ones could harm populations of this “living” soil), and follow these instructions:

  • Prepare your soil: Make sure that the soil is well-aerated and free from contaminants, and other pathogens or viruses. We advise using a new, high-quality substrate for this purpose.
  • Apply microorganisms to your substrate: You can do this through watering or simply by mixing them with the soil during the initial substrate preparation for your plants.
  • Frequency and quantity: Every product is different. Therefore, always make sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to understand the correct dosage and whether you need to reapply during the growth cycle.
how to make your own soil
It’s essential to use good soil for plants to develop splendidly. Microorganisms help create a much more favorable environment for plant growth.

What are the Best Products to Introduce Beneficial Microorganisms into Cannabis Plants?

Nowadays, there are numerous products you can easily use to provide your cannabis plants’ soil with beneficial micro-life. Our favorites, due to their quality and results, are the following:

  • Plant success great white: A potent organic-origin additive based on mycorrhizae and trichoderma, two types of beneficial fungi that enhance the absorption of phosphorus, protect the plant from stress, and promote vigorous and healthy growth. It can be applied directly to the soil or added to watering.
  • Top crop micro vita: A cocktail of different microorganisms, fungi, and bacteria, that serves as the ideal biological supplement for healthy and explosive growth. It helps improve soil quality and increase nutrient availability.
  • Bio tabs mycotrex: A root stimulator made from mycorrhizae, humic acids, and algae meal, which increases nutrient absorption via roots, as well as their volume and growth. Mycotrex is an organic and natural product. Approved for organic farming. It protects plants from unwanted diseases and pathogens and should be applied by mixing it with the soil during transplanting.
  • BAC Funky fungi: The four species of mycorrhiza included in this product can be used in both soil and coco substrates. An additive that promotes soil fertility and protects cannabis plants from fungi like Pythium. It can be applied to the substrate or added to watering.
  • Advanced nutrients tarantula: It consists of 57 different types of beneficial bacteria that help plant roots grow stronger, more resistant, and healthier. It should be applied via watering following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Advanced nutrients piranha: A mix of mycorrhizae and trichoderma intended for use at the start of the growth stage and also at the beginning of flowering. It improves nutrient absorption and can be applied via watering or directly to the soil.
  • Advanced nutrients voodoo juice: This biologically originated additive is one of the go-to weapons of many growers to achieve spectacular root growth and improve their plants’ nutrition. This mix of beneficial bacteria should be applied during watering following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Emerald harvest root wizard: It’s one of the most effective root stimulants, which incorporates six strains of beneficial bacteria into the same mix, increasing root growth, enhancing nutrient absorption, and recycling waste by converting it into fertilizer for plants. Apply via watering.


Integrating beneficial soil microorganisms into cannabis grows is a way to enhance yield quality, making them more abundant, and likely more resinous.

These allies not only contribute to enhancing the structure and fertility of soil, but also act as guardians protecting your plants from fungi and diseases, saving growers from possible future headaches.

A simple practice that can significantly improve the result, while contributing to nature with respectful methods. A tool that should be a staple for a top-notch cannabis grower!

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