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La Huerta Grow, Authentic Cannabis Lovers and Specialists

La Huerta Grow Shop is an online and physical store specialized in cannabis based in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain.

We’ve been growing alongside you since 2001, discovering all the secrets that our beloved plant holds and sharing them best we know how.

In our store you can find all types of cannabis growing products and indoor growing products, as well as the best seed banks, fertilizer and substrate brandsproducts for controlling infestations, and the best cannabis paraphernalia so you can enjoy your special moments as much as possible.

At La Huerta Grow Shop we’re not just selling products, we’re also passionate about cannabis and we have ver 43 years’ experience growing.

Our personal ethics are always put before our commercial interests, so we’ll never tell you to buy something that you don’t need.

We’re the original La Huerta Grow Shop, where innumerable cannabis growers have been 20 years growers. We have one base, and no franchises – don’t fall for any copy-cats!

La Huerta Grow Shop Barcelona

La Huerta Grow Shop has had an image change, but their essence and values are the same as always..


In 2005 we launched our own seed bank, Eva Seeds. With our seed bank we’ve become specialists in feminized cannabis strains, With our seed bank we’ve become specialists in, creating and producing our own strains.

Over 40 prizes, won in some of the most prestigious competitions in the country, speak for our journey.

Nowadays, our beloved strains such as Jamaican Dream, are enjoyed in many different places, fulfilling our dream of sharing our happiness.

In 2017, we continued to innovate, and we released the brand Cali Terpenes, a company specialized in producing cannabis aromas. Nowadays Cali Terpenes is considered a world-wide example in quality.


La Huerta Grow Shop is a family dream. We’ve grown much more than what we expected when we started out, but our initial family feeling is still going strong no matter how much our team grows.

Grow Shop Barcelona

La Huerta Grow Shop started as a small family shop (the pictures above). Now, our team has grown a lot but we’re still a family at heart.


Little by little we’ve become a respected member of the sector, and the one thing that matters most to us is our customers’ trust. That’s what keeps us working hard, guaranteeing high quality and offering complete and accurate advice.

We’ve worked side by side with many different brands, we’re heavily invested in growing this beautiful industry. We would like to thank all these brands, all of whom have contributed to the normalization of cannabis in this country.

Magazines, activists, grow shops, manufacturers, seed banks… We’ll never stop until we achieve legalization of this amazing plant.


Just like many of you, we care about the present and future of our planet, which is why at La Huerta Grow Shop we do everything we can to minimize the impact of our business on the planet.

  • All of the energy we use comes from sources, and we recycle paper, toners, batteries, containers etc.
  • We reuse cardboard boxes and packaging from our distributors as much as possible.
  • The bubble wrap in our packages is biodegradable, even the coffee capsules we use in our offices are biodegradable.
  • Although it’s hard to but 100% eco-friendly as we’d like to be, we keep taking steps to ensure that we get there.


We’ve been learning about this marvellous plant for over 40 years now, and we’re as strong as ever, working with new professionals every day that help us to grow and offer you the best.

This 2021, we’re launching our new and better website, as well as a new image.

And what better moment to do it than celebrating our 20th anniversary with you!!


Who knows what the future will hold…? We just hope that you count on us to help keep your plants flowering.

The world must be green! Will you help?

La Huerta Grow Shop since 2001.