Bio Fertilizers

Growing cannabis using biofertilizers and additives (or biological fertilizers) is the most eco-friendly option while also giving your plants all of the nutrients they need to successfully grow.

Organic fertilizers

  • These fertilizers are absorbed slowly, which makes it much harder to accidentally over-fertilize your plants.
  • If combined correctly, you can obtain the same yield than with mineral fertilizers while consuming residue-free cannabis with its original flavour.

If you want to grow bio cannabis plants, we’re behind you! Here at La Huerta Grow Shop we also prefer to grow using organic nutrients.

Organic Cannabis Growing Benefits

  • High quality of aroma and flavour in buds.
  • Easy to use (much harder to over-feed).
  • Absence of mineral residues; eco-friendly.

What Organic Fertilizers and Additives Should You Use

Our catalogue contains products by the best brands out there designed specifically for each stage of your cannabis plants’ life cycle.

All fertilizer ranges contain the following:

  • Root Stimulant: this is the first product you’ll need to use; it’s used to create a strong, sturdy root mass.
  • Root Fertilizer: this complete fertilizer should contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You can see this indicated on the container with the letters NPK. During the growth period your plants need more nitrogen than other nutrients. It should also contain micro-nutrients that your plants also need, although in lesser quantities.
  • Bloom Fertilizer: during the flowering stage your plants need much less nitrogen and have an increased need for phosphorus and potassium, which is what these products should contain.

Flowering stimulant: there are various types of flowering stimulant:

  • Additives designed for the start of the bloom period: these are designed to increase and improve the pre-flowering period, making it shorter. It also decreases inter-node distance, which tends to stretch out during this phase.
  • Bud fatteners: towards the middle of the flowering period, your plants need a little extra phosphorus and potassium that organic stimulants can provide.

All nutrient ranges and brands stock stimulants for the bud fattening phase and it’s a pretty important ingredient when it comes to the best possible yields. Some brands also stock flowering stimulants.

Using Growth and Bloom Bioertilizer

You can use one fertilizer designed for growth and another for flowering, although you’ll need to use additives and stimulants during the bloom period. Some fertilizer ranges only contain a growth and flowering fertilizer, increasing phosphorus and potassium levels via additives and flowering stimulants.

Buying Organic Fertilizers

Each fertilizer and additive brand has base nutrients alongside their respective additives and stimulants. If you’re not an experienced grower, we highly recommend sticking with the same range of products rather than mixing and matching.

High Quality Organic Fertilizers

If you’re looking for high quality organic fertilizers at a more affordable price, we recommend the Top Crop fertilizer range or the organic Terra Aquatica range.

Top Crop

The Spanish manufacturer Top Crop produces fertilizers such as their base growth fertilizer, Top Veg, and its flowering counterpart, Top Bloom. Both are rich in humic acids. Alongside their root stimulant, Deeper Underground, and the additives Big One and Top Candy, this range of organic fertilizers can provide amazing results when used correctly.

Terra Aquatica

Terra Aquatica, previously known as General Hydroponics Europe, has an organic growth and flowering range called Pro Organic Grow and Pro Organic Bloom. These high quality fertilizers have been on the market for over 15 years. Highly concentrated organic fertilizers that can be used in all types of substrates.

Terra Aquatica Organic Nutrient Range

We recommend this range if you’re looking for the best results in as far as flavour when it comes to organically grown cannabis.

If You Want a Simple Solution

If you’re looking for a simple range you can check out Canna’s bio range which contains just four products:

  • Two base fertilizers: Bio Vega for the growth period and Bio Flores for the bloom period.
  • For the rooting period at the start, they have Bio Rhizotonic, and for the flowering period you can use their stimulant called Bio Boost.

Simplicity and efficiency. Ideal for those looking for an intense, high quality grow without complicating things too much.

If You Want to Maximize Control

What nutrient ranges allow you to control exact doses of each nutrient?

If you want to have absolute control over your fertilizers and additives in each phase, we recommend trying out Advanced Nutrients’ organic range.

Advanced Nutrients has two different base nutrients, one for growth called Iguana Juice Grow, and another for the flowering phase called Iguana Juice Bloom. These base fertilizers contain the most bio-mass of all products on the market. This range also contains two additives used during growth and flowering; Ancient Earth and Sensizym.

  • Ancient Earth contains humic and fulvic acids that increase permeability of your plants cell membranes, which increases water and nutrition absorption. It’s also a natural chelate which allows for more micro-elements to be absorbed. Ancient Earth deals with pH changes also in order to guarantee growth under the best conditions.
  • Sensizym is an enzymatic complex that contains over 80 enzymes, which turns dead roots into nutrients and sugars that your plants can absorb, improving the substrate in the process.

For the Flowering Stage…

  • Big Bud: gives your plants extra phosphorus and potassium alongside specific amino-acids.
  • Bud Candy: gives your plants extra carbs which adds energy to your substrate’s soil and microbial life. This causes an increase in phosphorus and potassium available to your plants during the fattening stage.
  • Mother Earth Super Tea Organic: this is a compost tea that gives your plants a little extra strength, helping them to deal with stress caused by insects. This allows your plants to focus on creating flowers.

If you want to make the most of your grow, Advanced Nutrients has plenty of bacteria, microbes and beneficial fungi for your plants’ substrate.

At the start of the growing process, Advanced Nutrients creates a stable environment for microbial life in your plants’ substrate and when it comes to propagating Trichoderma and mycorrhizae, for which you can use three products: Voodoo Juice, Tarantula and Piranha, which are used at the start of the flowering period.

Solid Organic Fertilizers

If you’re looking for solid fertilizers, you can try out Powder Feeding’s BIO range or Bio Tabs’ plant tablets.

Powder Feeding

Powder Feeding is a Green House Seeds fertilizer range, a renowned Dutch seed bank. Their organic products are OMRI and Union certified for organic agricultural use.

Bio Powder Feeding’s range contains three products; two base fertilizers and an additive designed for the plant’s entire life cycle. It’s a simple system using high quality products that are slowly absorbed by your plants, with enough activity for about 8 weeks.

You can use these products when transplanting, mixed in with the substrate, or applied on the surface before watering. If you’re planning on using these products with plants that take less than 8 months you should reduce the dose. If your plants take longer than 8 weeks to flower or grow, we recommend adding another 1-2 per litre of substrate after about 4 weeks.

Powder Feeding’s bio range contains a growth fertilizer, BioGrow, and a flowering fertilizer, BioBloom. As well as the additive BioEnhancer, which improves nutrient absorption, helps your plants to deal with stress and conditions the soil. The last product contains humic and fulvic acids, algae extracts, amino acids and plant hormones.

Bio Tabs

Bio Tabs is a complete fertilizer designed for growth and flowering in cannabis plants grow in soil. Bio Tabs is easy to use and they contain all of the nutrients and micronutrients that your plants could possibly need. With Bio Tabs you don’t need to adjust pH or EC in your nutrient solution, simply use high quality water.


  • In order to stimulate your plants’ roots you can use Mycrotex, a product that contains endomycorrhiza, humic acids and algae which improve nutrient absorption and can multiply root mass up to 7 times its original size.
  • Startrex: this product gives your plants’ substrate a boost and increases water retention.
  • Orgatrex: this complete fertilizer acts as an accelerator during the growth and flowering period.
  • Bactrex: this additive contains beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma that are used to protect your plants from pathogens in the soil while also increasing nutrient absorption.
  • Boom Boom Spray by Bio Tabs: these are vegan bio-stimulant tablets used after transplants, droughts and other stressful situations for your plants. They contain amino acids, glucids, peptides, and minerals of natural origin.

What Vegan Fertilizer to Choose

At La Huerta Grow Shop we stock three ranges of entirely vegan products; one by BAC and another two by Trabe.


BAC is a brand that started in the Netherlands and they have a range of vegan products with a Vegan Society quality seal that guarantees no animal products or processes were used. It’s ideal for those looking for the best results using organic products. They have base fertilizers such as their growth fertilizer, BAC Organic Grow, and their flowering product, BAC Organic Boom. They also have a range of vegan stimulants and additives.

  • Organic PK: this flowering stimulant is ideal for bud fattening.
  • Root Stimulator: perfect for root growth.
  • Foliar Spray: stimulates chlorophyll production. Plants recover strength, produce stronger branches and thicker leaves. Can be used as a preventive product for certain types of insect.
  • Pro Active: this additive contains amino acids, vitamins and proteins and won an award in the Indica Sativa 2018 fare in Bologna.


Trabe also has a vegan range which contains base fertilizers Bachumus Evolution Growth and Flowering, alongside their Radical Flowers stimulant.

  • Bachumus Evolution Growth is a complete fertilizer designed for the growth period. Includes algae which contain plant hormones that stimulate growth, as well as 25% humic and fulvic acids which improve nutrient absorption and can protect from stress. It also includes neem oil which protects your plants from insects and certain pathogens.
  • Bachumus Evolution Flowering is a complete bloom fertilizer that’s also made using algae, neem extract and contains high amounts of humic and fulvic acids. This product guarantees large yields of organically-grown cannabis that produces intense, original flavours.
  • Radical Flowers is a potent flowering stimulant that’s derived from Ascophyllium Nodosum algae, stimulating metabolic processes in plants and synthesizing THCA precursors. This product can increase THC by up to 30%.
  • Mycoplant: this is an additive that stimulates root growth and protects your plants from stress related to water or heat while also increasing nutrient absorption.

BioBizz also has a range of bio products all of which are vegan except for Fish Mix which you can replace with Bio Grow if you plan on having a 100% vegan grow.

What Algae Fertilizer to Choose

Algae are commonly used as an efficient and sustainable fertilizer rather than chemical products, and they’re being used more and more frequently when growing cannabis. If you’re looking for an organic fertilizer that contains algae, we recommend trying out Plagron and Trabe, which are two high quality brands.


Their main base fertilizers are Alga Grow and Alga Bloom, respectively designed for the growth and flowering periods. Plagron also has additives and stimulants such as Power Roots, a root stimulant, and Vita Race, an iron-based stimulant for energetic plants and extra photosynthetic activity. They also manufacture the amazing flowering stimulant, Green Sensation.

Power Roots impulses strong root growth and can help plants to make a swift recovery from stress after transplants. It also improves soil structure and can increase nutrient absorption. Power Roots contains algae extracts, humic acids, amino-acids, vitamins and, unlike other root stimulants, you can use it up until the first couple of flowering weeks.

Green Sensation is one of the best organic flowering stimulants on the market that’s ideal for increasing the weight and size of your flowers.


Trabe’s Algahemp range contains two base fertilizers; Alghemp Growth and Alghemp Flowering. Alghemp contains 30% algae, plant hormones, vitamins and carbs used to stimulate your plants’ metabolic processes.

This brand also has a flowering stimulant called Radical Flower and a bio-stimulant called Hemplex, which is an algae-based additive that contains high amounts of plant hormones that stimulate your plants’ biochemical processes. Ideal for increasing bud size.

Plus, this range also contains a mycorrhizae fungi additive, Mycoplant.

The previously mentioned Bachumus Evolution Growth and Flowering are also algae-based products.

All-Purpose Organic Fertilizers

Our catalogue also contains fertilizer ranges based on using just one product during your cannabis plants’ entire life cycle.


BioBizz has created two substrates designed to fertilize your plants; All Mix and Light Mix.

If you use All Mix you’re not going to need to use all of their bio additives, as some of the nutrients are already contained within the substrate.

If you use BioBizz substrate and fertilizers, all you need to do is keep a careful eye on the pH and use high quality water for amazing results.

  • Bio Grow: this is a base fertilizer for the growth period that can also be used as an organic stimulant during the flowering period.
  • Fish Mix: this is a complete fertilizer for the growth period. It contains fish and has an incredibly pungent aroma which means you should only use it outdoors. You can switch out Bio grow with Fish Mix and vice versa when needed. This is the only product in BioBizz’s organic range that isn’t vegan.
  • Root Juice: this root stimulant is made using algae and premium humic acid, designed to be used during the first few growth weeks.
  • Bio Bloom: this is a complete flowering fertilizer and it contains amino acids and algae extracts.
  • Top Max: contains humic and fulvic acids for the flowering period while also increasing nutrient absorption, allowing you to harvest large yields with intense original and organic cannabis aromas and flavours.
  • Bio Heaven: this product contains amino acids used to stimulate your plants’ metabolism as well as clean it of toxins while also increasing chlorophyll production.
  • Alg a Mic: this product reduces stress that your plants can be under, allowing them to focus on growing and flowering. Plants can recover their green colour and strength thanks to this product. Only designed for coco coir substrate or soil with low amounts of nutrients such as Light Mix. Not necessary if using BioBizz All Mix.
  • Activera: this organic activator contains aloe vera and can protect your plants from illnesses while stimulating their metabolism and improving nutrient absorption. This product is necessary if growing in coco coir using the BioBizz range.

Ata NGR Organics

Ata Organics is Atami’s bio range that has various products including Growth C, a fertilizer using during the entire grow, which is accompanied by:

  • Roots-C: this is a root stimulant that increases root mass and prevents insects and soil pathogens such as pythium, fusarium, and others.
  • Flowers-C: this complete fertilizer is designed for the flowering period; it is used alongside Growth C rather than replacing it.
  • Bloom-C: this is a flowering stimulant created using algae, enzymes, plant hormones, proteins, vitamins and amino acids. Bloom-C can be used to replace Bio Bloombastic.
  • Flavor: this is an additive used during the few weeks before washing out your plants roots. Flavour gives your plants plenty of energy and improves their original flavour naturally.
  • Alga-C: this stimulant can be used during the growth and flowering stages. Alga-C activates your plants’ metabolic processes and also increases chlorophyll production, making them much stronger when they come up against external pathogens, helping them to direct all available energy to the growth and flowering periods.

Ata is Atami’s range designed for simple, easy grows. They also stock Rootfast, a vegan product that’s cheap and super-efficient at increasing root mass.

What’s the Best Organic Bloom Fertilizer?

The best way to go is to use products from the same range and brand, especially if you’ve reached the flowering stage with healthy and sturdy plants; these products generally complement each other.

Basic Fertilizer Kits

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can choose from a wide range of kits with fertilizers, stimulants and additives needed to grow successful organic cannabis plants.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts, who are more than happy to help.

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