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Germany legalises the cultivation and consumption of marijuana

Germany legalises cannabis for recreational use, including home cultivation, public possession, and much more. Get the full low-down below. Spoiler: you'll be surprised how things are going to change from April.
legalizacion marihuana

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The legalisation of cannabis for recreational use in Germany marks a historic moment, making the country the second in Europe (following Malta) to take this bold step.

On Friday February 23rd, a new era began in the German Parliament, with the approval of a bill originally presented by the Health Minister in 2023. This new legal framework has taken time to establish due to numerous modifications to the initial plan and the difficult trajectory faced by European countries wishing to fully legalise cannabis in line with international laws.

What kind of recreational cannabis regulation model will be implemented in Germany?

After Germany legalised cannabis for medical use, time has shown reassuringly positive outcomes. The country has become the largest legal medicinal cannabis market in Europe and is among the leaders worldwide.

The legalisation for recreational use was only a question of time. However, as explained by Karl Lauterbach, Germany’s Health Minister, this measure aims to reduce risks associated with cannabis use and eradicate the black market.

As such, the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use in Germany will comply with specific guidelines:

  • Residents over 18 years of age can possess and consume up to 50 grammes in private and up to 25 grammes in public places.
  • Home cultivation is allowed with a maximum of three plants per person.
  • The distribution of recreational cannabis will go through a model of non-profit cannabis clubs that can have a maximum of 500 members.
  • Cannabis consumption won’t take place within the clubs; instead, they’ll be spaces designed solely to distribute the collective harvest among their members.
  • Public consumption will be prohibited within one hundred metres of schools or sports centres, or in pedestrian zones after 7pm. However, cannabis consumption will be allowed in remaining public space.

A model where home-grown marijuana and cannabis clubs legally coexist

Surprising to many, is the fact that that the new model, set to launch on April 1st, considers home-growing among its social justice measures.

Veering away from the systems followed by other countries where cannabis cultivation is limited to a few licensed corporations, Germany wants to provide consumers the option to grow cannabis for personal use.

This law comes as great news to cannabis growers who wish to control the entire production process of the buds they’ll consume.

On the other hand, those who prefer to associate with cannabis clubs, where they can safely collect their marijuana buds, will have this option available to them, enabling them to avoid resorting to the black market with all the negative consequences that this can entail.

Additionally, the government has prepared a series of educational measures aimed to inform consumers about the risks associated with abusive cannabis use.

The intent is to offer the public factual information based on scientific evidence, about both the therapeutic properties of the plant, as well as the negative health effects in the event of irresponsible consumption.

cannabis club
The German legalisation model implies the coexistence of home-growing and cannabis clubs with collective harvests.

The importance of home-grown cannabis being legalised in Germany

Regulating home-grown marijuana gives users the option to produce their cannabis buds in a more controlled, and potentially more economical way.

Moreover, it is a measure that supports social justice, recognising the rights of individuals (both patients and recreational users) to grow their own cannabis without having to rely on third parties.

The benefits of home-grown marijuana

There are several reasons people choose to grow their own cannabis. Generally speaking, being able to control the entire process provides the assurance of knowing exactly what products have been used during cultivation.

Let’s explore the benefits of home-grown cannabis seeds.

Controlling the process and products used in marijuana cultivation

The fertilisers being used, along with the chosen cultivation technique, are elements that significantly influence the harvest.

The use of organic fertilisers is the healthiest choice, not only for the plants but also for the person who will consume their buds. Anything applied to the plant will ultimately end up in our bodies, therefore organic fertilisers and pesticides are better choices than mineral fertilisers or chemical pesticides.

What’s more, the taste of buds from an organic harvest will be of higher quality as mineral or semi-mineral fertilisers can obscure the original aroma of cannabis strains, sometimes even causing a “scratching” sensation in the throat when the smoke is inhaled (especially if there hasn’t been a good root wash).

marijuana home-growing
Home-growing allows the user to consume the most suitable strains according to their tastes or needs.

Choosing marijuana seeds suitable for the user’s needs

Today, there are many types of cannabis strains; some are autoflowering and don’t depend on the light cycle to start flowering; feminised photodependent seeds, on the other hand, depend on the light cycle and ensure 100% female offspring, etc.

Choosing marijuana seeds from reputable seed banks that guarantee product quality is important; but it’s also crucial to understand what needs must be met, to ensure the selected genetics meet the requirements.

Menu options at cannabis clubs are usually top quality but are limited and may not contain the type of cannabis that the user is specifically seeking. For this reason, home-growing can be a smart option to get the exact product one is looking for:

  • Cannabinoid content: nowadays there are different market options regarding the THC/CBD ratio of strains, as well as CBG seeds and other profiles meeting specific needs. If a user needs a strain with a potent effect, they should opt for marijuana seeds with a high THC content. For others, a high psychoactive potency may turn out to be  incompatible with their daily activities. In these cases, CBD seeds might be a better option, offering a more sustainable effect and even delivering no psychoactivity, as is the case with pure CBD varieties like Only CBD.
  • Aroma and flavour: today, we know that the terpene profile of cannabis genetics determines not only its aroma and flavour but also its effect. If you apply the terms “indica” and “sativa” to the psychoactive effect, they refer to calming, sedative, and physical effects (indica) or energising, cerebral, mood-lifting, and even creativity-boosting sensations (sativa). Terpenes are the aromatic molecules found in the bud’s resin, and depending on its composition, they will cause one effect or another. Therefore, many users prefer to grow the varieties they appreciate most in terms of taste and effect.
  • Optimising resources: while it’s true that an initial investment is required (which will be greater or smaller depending on the cultivation type), in the long run, home-growing turns out more economical than buying the final product.
  • The advantages of cannabis cultivation: for many, home-growing cannabis becomes an experience that brings benefits on its own. Being involved in the plant’s lifecycle and obtaining the outcome of dedication and patience can be deeply rewarding.

In a nutshell: cannabis cultivation legalisation in Germany

The progressive path Germany has chosen marks a historic moment that could cause a domino effect within and beyond Europe.

We’re witnessing a vision that banishes prohibition and acknowledges the rights of users to home-grow, while establishing a regulated system for dispensing cannabis through cannabis clubs. The country’s strong commitment to risk reduction through education and transparency could be a tool ensuring greater product safety, increasing public knowledge about responsible consumption, and demystifying the cannabis plant.

We will closely follow every step of this process. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts in the comments section and let’s spark an open, transparent, and healthy debate.

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