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Autoflowering Seeds


Autoflowering Seeds

What are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds, also known as automatic cannabis seeds or autos, are characterized by the fact that they don’t depend on light to flower, which means they begin to flower automatically regardless of the amount of light they receive. On the other hand, most seeds including feminized and regular seeds need to decrease their amount of hours of light in order to start flowering and finish the process successfully.

These seeds come from crossing regular or feminized strains with Ruderalis strains or other autoflowering plants.

What to Expect from Autoflowering Strains

Autoflowering cannabis strains are fast and strong, adapting well to all growing methods, although they tend to yield less than non-autoflowering feminized and regular plants.

Autoflowering seeds

Cannabis Ruderalis tends to grow in East Europe and Asia, where the weather can be quite bad (low temperatures, snow, not many hours of daylight or weak light). Ruderalis genes, when used in hybridization, gives autoflowering strains its strong genes allowing them to deal with bad conditions.

When they first began, autoflowering strains were unstable during growth and in regards to THC ratios, which tended to be quite low. Eventually, breeders, investigators and growers from all over the world such as the Joint Doctor from Canada, began to study various different Ruderalis strains intensely. This particular geneticist was the first to release an autoflowering strain onto the market in 2008, called Lowryder. After many years of breeding and stabilizing autoflowering plants, quality is now much higher than what it was. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are currently highly stable and produce larger and higher quality yields.

Plus, the fact that you can harvest up to three times in one season is an attractive quality for many growers.

Beginner growers tend to choose autoflowering strains due to how easy they are to grow. Those that don’t have much space to grow in such as balconies or small rooms also make the most of autoflowering strains, as well as those that need discretion.

How to Pick an Autoflowering Cannabis Seed

Buy autoflowering seeds

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find a wide range of autoflowering cannabis strains by the best seed banks. From the famous Buddha Seeds’ Magnum to Sweet Seeds’ colorful autos such as Red Poison, or surprising XXL autos by Dinafem Seeds including Moby Dick XXL Auto, among others.

Check with our team if you have any growing questions or aren’t sure what strain to choose. Remember, our seed finder is super helpful when it comes to finding the right seed.

If you can’t find the strain you’re looking for, we’ll order it for you!

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