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Brand Merchandising


Brand Merchandising

Here you can find some of the best La Huerta Grow Shop merch, as well as some of the top brands in the sector such as Eva Seeds.

La Huerta Grow Shop Stickers

With our fun stickers you can help our your favourite grow shop wherever you go. With models such as Sativa or Indica, Wake & Bake or Purple Lover, you can show you’re appreciating for this amazing plant. These stickers are ideal for decorating your grow tent, personal objects such as laptops, or even your vehicle if you want. These stickers are designed with lively and eye-catching colours, and they’re ideal for those that collect merchandise or cannabis stickers.

Eva Seeds T-Shirts

Eva Seeds is a seed bank that works at creating feminized seeds. They were founded back in 2005, and have years of work and experience behind them, upheld by many different growers thanks to the high quality of their seeds. This seed bank produces fast-flowering plants, US strains, and high amounts of CBD (cannabidiol) for consumers with therapeutic needs or for those with a low THC tolerance.

If you’re a fan of Eva Seeds, we recommend checking out our catalogue – this reputable seed bank has two merch t-shirts that represent two of their most renowned strains; Lemon King t-shirts and Gorilla Candy t-shirts – both of which have eye-catching and funny designs that make reference to their names. The design on these t-shirts are beautiful, made using discharge ink, and are 100% cotton.

These incredible, eye-catching designs are ideal for showing your love and appreciation for Eva Seeds and their potent strains; Lemon King and Gorilla Candy. They’re available in all sizes from S to XXL.

If you have any questions regarding our merchandise or any products in this section, get in touch with our team of professionals at La Huerta Grow Shop and we’ll give you a hand.

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