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Proteco insecticidesProt-Eco is a range of products by Econord by Prot-Eco, a company that’s situated in Figueres de Girona. They manufacture ecological pesticide products that leave no residues, designed to be used by home growers. They have quite a wide catalogue of products in which you can find bio insecticides and fortifiers against insects and fungal infestations.

Prot-Eco is a company that cares about the environment. Their products have European and state regulated certificates, guaranteeing their organic origins. They are also packaged in biodegradable packaging made using renewable sources.

Prot-Eco can help you to prevent infestations and illness in your cannabis plants, allowing you to defend your plants using bio and organic products.

How to Prevent Cannabis Fungi using Prot-Eco

Prot-Eco is specialized in fungicides and preventive products for fungal infestations, with products designed for each type of infestation.


Botrytis is a type of fungus that rots the inside of your cannabis buds, ruining your harvest if not taken care of. Botryprot is an efficient preventive product used against botrytis, made using nutrients and elements that increase microbial life. This product has various different properties that:

  • Stimulate the plant’s natural defences.
  • Stops botrytis growth.
  • Revives your plants after stress.

This product can be used up to 15 days before harvesting.


Oidium, also known as powdery mildew, can easily destroy your plants if not caught or prevented in time. We recommend using Oidioprot, a combination between amino acids and plant extracts capable of stopping this infection in its tracks while also activating your plants’ immune system.

Oidioprot is not a toxic product and it doesn’t produce any toxins or residues, allowing you to use it up to two weeks before harvesting.

Bio 16 Trifag

When it comes to soil pathogens and fungi such as pythium or fusarium wilt, you can use Bio 16 Trifag, which contains Trichoderma harzanium. Trichoderma is a fungus that grows on tree bark, on decomposing wood and in forests. Bio 16 Trifag:

  • It competes with other fungi for substrate space.
  • It produces secondary metabolites (trichodermin, gliotoxin) which are toxic for fungi and pathogens.
  • It increases root growth and, indirectly, root absorption.
  • It decomposes organic material and stimulates microbial life in your plants’ soil.


Copperprot has a preventive effect against Botrytis, Alternaria, Rust and many other types of fungal infections. It’s also used to correct copper deficiencies, increasing root growth. It can be used up to 15 days before harvesting.

Copperprot is a biodegradable product that shouldn’t be mixed with amino acids (products such as oidioprot). Copperprot is perfectly harmless for humans and animals, including bees, arthropods and beneficial microorganisms.

How to Prevent Insect Infestations Using Prot-Eco

Prot-Eco’s catalogue contains preventive products designed for most type of infestations that cannabis plants can suffer.

Bio Neem

This product is made using extracts from Azadirachta Indica seeds and is highly repellent; insects are bothered by odours produced by Neem and they’ll usually choose other plants. This product is also a great preventive for issues such as thrips, leaf miners, mites and white flies. Bio Neem is only toxic for insects that attack your plants.

This is a biodegradable product that leaves absolutely no residues, allowing you to use it until 15 days before harvesting.


Cinnaprot is a product made using cinnamon and zinc extract that is highly efficient against fungi such as oidium and mite infestations. Cinnaprot protects your plants from red spider mites and broad mites. This bio product activates your plants’ defence mechanisms in stressful situations without affecting the resin or leaving residues.

You can use Cinnaprot until two weeks before harvesting.


Mobet is a natural product made using concentrated insecticidal soap and can be used against red spider mites, cochineals, thrips, mites and more. Insecticidal soap softens insects’ exoskeletons and asphyxiates them. It also cleans fungal infections thanks to its high pH, while also removing any sticky substances left by cochineals, white flies etc. which can be a beacon for insects such as ants.

Mobet degrades rapidly, and you can use it up to 15 days before harvesting.


In order to get rid of snails and slugs, you can use Snailprot, which keeps them from getting to your plants. Snailprot is made using extracts from Theacea plants. Snailprot also helps your plants recover much faster from an attack.

In order to make the absolute most out of Prot-Eco’s product, we recommend following the instructions carefully and applying the product as indicated.

At La Huerta Grow Shop we always prefer using bio and organic products, especially when it comes to preventive products and pesticides, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

If you have any questions regarding Prot-Eco’s product, get in touch with our team of experts here at La Huerta Grow Shop.

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