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Cali Terpenes

Cali Terpenes, based in Spain, is a leading company world-wide in regards to cannabis terpene profiles (cannabis aromas), and they also produce terpene e-liquids (with cannabis flavours) and CBD e-liquids, which are incredibly high in quality.

This brand has a large team of aroma experts, chemists and biochemists, health experts and cannabis experts. This is how Cali Terpenes manages to reproduce different cannabis strain aroma profiles using legal botanically-sourced terpenes.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are compounds found in the essential oils of many plants, fruit and flowers, among which cannabis plants are also found. These compounds are in charge of producing aromas and flavours in cannabis; different combinations and terpene proportions in each strain are what cause the wide variety of aromas and flavours in cannabis plants.

Additionally, according to recent reports, terpenes also influence the effect produced by cannabinoids during a process called the entourage effect. This means that two strains may have the same cannabinoid concentrate but a different amount of terpenes can change the effect produced and make it more or less active or relaxed.

How Does Cali Terpenes Work?

When it comes to working with their products, Cali Terpenes has their own analysis labs that fallow all safety and quality measures, working with incredibly high-quality materials.

All of Cali Terpenes cannabis profiles are created using organically and botanically-sourced terpenes, and they’re designed to be an exact imitation of certain cannabis extract profiles using extracts from other plants.

Thanks to this process, this brand is capable of replicating the aroma and flavour of multiple renowned cannabis strains, creating a whole world of possibilities, aromatizing food, extracts or even buds that have lost out on aroma or flavour.

Terpenes by Cali Terpenes

Cali Terpenes has an enormous catalogue of terpene profiles available for consumers to reproduce an endless range of highly sought-after cannabis strains Cali Terpenes’ pure terpenes reproduce identical aromas to cannabis aromas and they’re ideal for adding more aroma and flavours to your cannabis extracts or even your buds if they’ve lost aroma or flavour.

They’re also ideal for adding e-liquid bases to in order to enjoy your favourite flavour in your e-cigarette wherever you go. Cali Terpenes also has a CBD e-liquid base so that you can add your favourite terpenes.

Within their catalogue of pure terpenes, you can find aromatic profiles that reproduce legendary and renowned strains as well as more modern strains: 707 Truthband, Cheese, Gelato, Gorilla Glue and many more.

Keep in mind that when it comes to using 100% pure terpenes, you’ll need to use extremely small quantities, as they pack quite the punch; the recommended proportion is between 1 – 4% depending on the consumers’ preference. For example, for 10ml e/liquid base, you can add between 0.1 and 0.4ml terpenes.

Cali Terpenes E/Liquids

If what you’re looking for are cannabis-flavoured e-liquids, Cali Terpenes also manufactures their own e-liquids in collaboration with Dr Mariano Garcia de Palau. These liquids do not contain THC or nicotine, and they’re known for being the most healthy e-liquids on the market.

These e-liquids are ideal for those that want to enjoy their favourite cannabis strain without feeling the effects of consuming cannabis flowers. Some flavours that Cali Terpenes produces are Girl Scout Cookies, which has a sweet, earthy flavour; Sour Diesel, which has citric and spicy tones, or Tangie, which has a similar flavour to mandarin and Diesel strains.

In addition, Cali Terpenes has a range of cannabis flavoured e-liquids with the ideal CBD content for medicinal or therapeutic consumers. This allows for medicinal or recreational consumers to enjoy authentic cannabis flavours and medicinal benefits without any psychoactive effects or negative effects produced by combustion. Some of their most popular CBD-e-liquids are Blackberry Kush, Amnesia, AK 47 and many, many more.

Cali Terpenes Terps Spray

If this weren’t enough, Cali terpenes has also started using a revolutionary system for applying terpenes; Terps Spray. These containers have micro-sprayers that allow for an even terpene spread on large amounts of buds, extracts and even food.

If you want to know more about these innovative products, you can check out our post about Cali Terpenes’ Terps Spray, the first cannabis aroma in spray format.

Terps Spray are made using food-grade ingredients, with all of the necessary seals and details on the tag. This is the best way to make the most of your terpenes and obtain even results in a swift, easy way.

Terps Spray comes in various aromatic profiles such as Holy Grail Kush, producing sweet and earthy aromas with a notable kush presence, or Zkittlez, which is an exact representation of its sweet, floral aroma and flavour, with a spicy aftertaste, similar to the original strain.

Cali Terpenes offers products which are entirely organically-sourced, revolutionizing the world of terpenes and cannabis. They offer a wide range of products that you can use in order to give your e-liquids, buds, extracts or food that special, exotic touch.

If you have any questions regarding how to use Cali Terpenes’ terpenes, you can check out the instructions and recommendations made on product descriptions. You can also get in touch with our team of professionals at La Huerta Grow Shop; we’re here to help!

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