TH Seeds

TH Seeds

TH Seeds is a Dutch seed bank that was founded in 1993. It originated from the CIA – Cannabis In Amsterdam, a marijuana information centre. This seed bank, founded by main breeders Adam and Doug, and they have spent years compiling strains from Europe and the US in order to produce potent and stable strains.

One of their most well-known strains is the famous Bubblegum, which is highly renowned for its intense strawberry bubblegum flavour and its resinous buds.

TH Seeds Catalogue – What Should you Expect?

Their catalogue contains feminized strains that produce high quality and stable harvests such as the potent SAGE, which has an intense Haze flavour, or the resinous and powerful MK Ultra.

Plus, you’ll also be able to enjoy their regular strains including Kushage with its potent effect, or Heavy Duty Fruity, which is super high-yielding.

For those that love autoflowering plants, TH Seeds also have some incredibly amazing autoflowering feminized strains including Auto Bubblegum, an autoflowering hybrid that has an intense candy flavour, similar to the original, which produces a sweet flavour and has conquered thousands of consumers.

TH Seeds come in packs of 2, 5 and 10 seeds.

Having trouble picking a strain that suits your needs? Don’t worry, you can use our seed finder tool or check in with our team of professionals.

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