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With Pollen Catcher


With Pollen Catcher

Pollinator grinder

Grinders have become one of the main ways that people prepare their joints. Nowadays you can find grinders in tobacco shops, souvenir stands, and even in bazaars. However, the models sold in these sorts of places are usually low in quality. If you’re looking for a high quality grinder with a pollen catcher for an affordable price, you’re at the right place.

Grinders with Pollen Catchers

Here you can find the best grinders with pollen catchers designed to shred up your cannabis flowers.

Grinders with pollen catchers have 3 or 4 parts, with a mesh designed to allow any trichomes to pass through, accumulating in the lower part of the grinder. After a few uses, you can open this compartment up and get the pollen you’ve built up.

Grinders with pollen catchers are larger than two-piece grinders, and they tend to be used more; they’re comfortable to use and also allow you to accumulate pollen in the bottom. Most 4-piece grinders can be put together without the mesh part, which allows you to store shredded weed in the base.

La Huerta Grow Shop Grinders with Pollen Catchers

We stock many different grinders with pollen catchers in all sizes so you can pick the perfect one for your needs;

Grinders up to 40mm

If you’re looking for a grinder with a small pollen catcher, you can choose from the following options:

  • The 3-Part Metal 2.9 x 2.5cm Grinder. This cannabis grinder stores shredded weed in the main compartment and accumulates pollen along the bottom. This small grinder is ideal to carry around wherever you want.
  • If you prefer larger grinders, we recommend using the Golden Leave 30mm Grinder, which is also three parts.
  • We have a 40mm Grinder called the Flower Barcelona, which has a “Panot de Barcelona” on the top, which is a typical Barcelona building design. Made in three parts, this grinder has a pollen catcher and comes in three colours; golden, silver and copper. This grinder is also a great souvenir from the Catalonian capital.
  • If you like the size but prefer four parts, you can check out our 40mm Grinder which can be used with or without the mesh.

Grinders up to 50mm

Some grinders larger than 40mm include:

  • The 44mm Rainbow 4-Part Grinder is a shiny, metallic grinder with all the colours of the rainbow. This grinder is shaped like a drum and it has indents on the side which make it easier to turn and handle.
  • 45mm in diameter and made out of metal, the Skull Grinder has 4 parts and a pollen catcher. This Grinder is decorated with a Jolly Roger, the classic skull and bones pirate flag. This grinder has rivets in the side which allow for easier use. Available in three colours; gold, bronze and silver.
  • The Rick and Morty Grinder, made out of 50mm metal, is available in six different designs with the characters from the titular TV show. This grinder is great to get alongside our rolling trays decorated with the same characters, Rick and Morty.
  • The Curved Champ High Grinder is 50mm and has a pollen catcher. This model has quite an stylized design it comes in 4 parts and can be used with or without the pollen catcher mesh, It comes with a triangular spatula for craping up the trichomes that fall to the bottom.
  • The Golden Leaf 50mm Grinder has a beautiful glass stone cannabis leaf design on the top. A similar grinder, with a different design, is the Metal Dollar Diamond 50mm grinder. These models have 4 parts, and the second one has a beautiful stone dollar sign design. Both models have sharp diamond-shaped teeth that shreds weed perfectly. These grinder models also have a removable pollen filter mesh.

Grinders over 50mm

This type of grinder is super comfortable to use, with many different models in our online store:

  • The 3-piece Metal Orb Grinder is a round metal grinder that’s easy to carry. It’s 53mm in diameter with sharp diamond-shaped teeth. This 3-piece grinder accumulates pollen which filters through its mesh.
  • The Red Champ High 56mm grinder is ideal for handling on the go, and one of the most comfortable to use grinders on the market.
  • If you’re looking for a large grinder, you can check out our Limited Edition Luxury Giftbox Grinder, a 60mm grinder with a pollen catcher. The upper side of this grinder is decorated with cannabis leaves in Rastafarian colours. These grinders are super easy to handle with indents for easy twisting. It comes in an elegant box, which makes it ideal as a gift for a loved one.

If you have any questions regarding our grinders with pollen catchers, make sure to get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop, where you’re sure to find the help you need.

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