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Noise-Cancelling Systems


Noise-Cancelling Systems

Getting rid of odours and noises from your indoor grow is a must if you want to grow cannabis without calling any attention to yourself. Find out everything there is to know about noise-cancelling systems for silent indoor cannabis grows.

Noise Cancelling Systems for Indoor Grows

When growing indoors in a grow tent, extractor fans and normal fans can go by unnoticed during the day, however at night they may be more obvious, and they may be annoying to your neighbours or even to you. Especially if you have a grow room with AC units and larger equipment. We’re going to go over a few solutions to this issue, whether you’re growing in small tents, large tents or even large grow rooms.

How to Get Rid of Noise in Indoor Grows

Let’s have a look at a few tips that an help you to reduce the noise in your grow by quite a lot;

  • Make sure to try and choose silent lighting systems, for example LED lights which don’t need as much equipment to cool them down compared to HPS lights. If using HPS, you should go for an electronic ballast over a magnetic one.
  • Use a more powerful extractor than what you need, set at a lower speed using a dimmer or a fan controller. This produces less noise than an extractor fan working at full speed in a grow tent or room.

What Noise Cancelling System to Pick

If you’re looking for a silent extractor fan, you can get the Iso Max Extractor fan which comes with a silencer. This extractor fan is German made and includes a metal case and an integrated silencer. It has two helixes and generates an even air flow while also reducing noise. Available in various strengths:

  • 150mm 410 m3/h - 43W - 3 speeds. Noise: 50dB
  • 200mm 870 m3/h - 91W - 3 speeds. Noise: 60dB
  • 250mm 1480 m3/h - 147W - 1 speed. Noise: 56dB
  • 250mm 2500 m3/h - 257W - 1 speed. Noise: 50dB
  • 315mm 2380 m3/h - 280W - 1 speed. Noise: 46dB
  • 315mm 3260 m3/h - 510W - 1 speed. Noise: 81dB
  • 355mm 4800 m3/h - 868W - 1 speed. Noise: 71dB

Just so you have an idea, a computer produces between 30 and 40 dB.

If you need to use a stronger extractor such as the RVK extractor, you can always get the accompanying sound-dampening box.

This noise-cancelling box is a wooden box with an interior lining that quietens any noise made by the extractor. It comes with everything needed to set it up and it’s available for extractors of the following diameters: 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm.

If you want to silence your extraction system even more you can use Sonnoconnect noise cancelling ducting. This double-ducting has a glass fiber lining in the middle that can reduce noise made by air up to 80%. Sonnoconnect noise-cancelling ducting is available by the meter, in 5m boxes as well and in 10m boxes.

If you have any questions regarding how to reduce the noise in your indoor grow, La Huerta Grow Shop has a team of professionals ready to help!

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