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What’s a Nutrient Reservoir?

A nutrient reservoir or tank is the container where your water and nutrient solution sits; it should be large enough to feed all of your plants.

These tanks are designed to hold water, fertilizers and additives, and you’ll need to make sure to keep an eye on pH levels. Nutrient tanks are used in hydroponic growing and automatic watering systems, although they’re also highly practical for manually watering your plants using a pump and watering wand.

Benefits of Using a Nutrient Reservoir

  • It’s easier and comfier to prepare your nutrient solution all at once, rather than preparing multiple watering cans. You can apply larger doses of nutrients and additives, making them easier to measure.
  • These accessories are absolutely necessary in indoor grows using hydroponic or automatic watering systems.

What Tank Should I Use?

Check out our catalogue to find high quality, affordable water tanks.

Tanks with Lid

Tanks that come with lids are ideal for catching rain water or for setting up manual watering kits indoors or outdoors using a water pump, hose and watering wand.

Our round lidded tanks are made of plastic and come with handles and a lit; sturdy and easy to transport. They come in 70 and 100L sizes.

Open Tanks

Made using durable plastic, open tanks are generally used in indoor growing. You can place these tanks under your growing table or outside of your grow tent, away from the lights, using it in hydroponic or automatic watering systems. Outdoors, open tanks are highly useful for cleaning flowerpots, growing utensils etc.

  • 90L tank, no lid, holds up to 90L. 72 x 42 x 30 cm.
  • 180L tank, no lid, holds up to 180L. 94 x 63 x 41 cm.

Pliable Tanks

The Autopot Flexible Tank by Fleximix is ideal for fitting into areas that a conventional tank simply wouldn’t fit. They’re easy to set up and don’t require any tools. They’re also easily stored and transported, and they also have a 16mm tap outlet.

Available in:

  • 100 litres: 43 cm diameter, 75 cm tall when full.
  • 225 litres: 63.5 cm diameter, 81 cm tall when full.
  • 400 litres: 68 cm diameter, 11cm tall when full.
  • 750 litres: 90 cm diameter, 120 cm tall when full.
  • 1000 litres: 120 cm diameter, 90 cm tall when full.

If you’re looking for a watering kit that comes with everything you need to manually water your plants in large amounts, check out our watering wand kit, which comes with a 70L tank, a 4000L/H water pump, a watering wand, hose, connectors etc. so that you can easily water all of your plants.

If you need any advice regarding your watering tank or how to set up the watering systems in your hydroponic plants, at La Huerta Grow Shop we’re here to help!

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