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In order to guarantee a healthy indoor or outdoor plants, safe from insects and fungi, it's incredibly important to take great care of your plants during the vegetative or growth stage. Most of the work you’ll need to put into protecting your plants will be done during this stage. Let’s have a look at how to make sure your plants grow strong and healthy.

Insecticides and Fungicides for the Growth/Vegetative Stage

The objective here is to reach the flowering period with healthy plants that aren’t stressed out so that they can flower to the best of their ability. If your plants bring an infestation from the growth period into the flowering period with them, it can get out of hand.

On the other hand, during the growth stage there are also many more defence strategies you can put into play. Your plants still don’t have flowers, so you can use all of the insecticides and fungicides available at La Huerta Grow Shop. All of the products we sell have been approved for domestic gardening and for use with cannabis plants.

Preventing Infestations, The First Step for Healthy Plants

Preventive measures are absolutely necessary of you want your plants to reach the flowering stage in the best possible conditions. Keep in mind that some infestations, once in your plants, can’t be solved and require you to start over indoors, or lose your plants entirely outdoors. Getting rid of a few insects is much easier than fighting a full blown infestation. Plus, your plants will never fully recover, and they’ll lose out on quality and yield.

In order to identify and prevent insect infestations, you can use yellow and blue sticky traps. These traps are incredibly important for your plants’ first few days outdoors, when they’re still to small to be sprayed with protective products.

From the first few weeks onwards, we recommend using preventive products such as Leaf Coat, Cannacure or Protect, as they create a protective layer around your plants’ leaves which makes it much harder for insects to feed on them.

Neem oil is a natural repellent that’s highly useful for preventing certain insect infestations such as white flies, thrips and aphids. It can be found in products such as Bio Neem, an organic, biodegradable product that leaves no residues. Bio Neem doesn’t interact with beneficial insects such as worms, bees, ladybugs etc. Products that contain Trichoderma such as Asir Fruit, Aktrivator, Proteco Bio 15, Bactrex or Piranha can also protect your plants from soil fungi such as pythium and fusarium wilt, while also feeding your plants. Ekisan is a product that contains horsetail extract, increasing your plants’ resistance to airborne fungal infections.

The Best Insecticides for Cannabis

If you’ve found an insect on your plants, don’t delay in getting rid of it. Make sure to do so before it becomes an infestation, which can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

An organic solution to this is Spruzit, an insecticide that contains pyrethrin and rapeseed oil. It’s effective against insects that feed on your plants’ sap; the pyrethrin kills off adult insects while the rapeseed gets rid of the eggs.

If you’ve had a nasty infestation in your indoor grow, we recommend using Solfac Automatic Forte in your next grow. By using this product you can get rid of any previous infestation that you had; this chemical product is sprayed automatically into the room, getting rid of any insects. It should never be used on plants, as it’s designed to be used in between grows.

The Best Fungicides for Cannabis

Botrytis and oidium are two of the most dangerous fungal infestations for cannabis plants.

In order to fight oidium during the growth/vegetative stage, we recommend Oidio Prot, an amino acid additive that stops oidium in its tracks, or Sulphur Belprón Special Fluid 90, which also acts as an arachnicide and can help to prevent possible mite infestations. In severe cases of oidium during the growth stage, you can use the chemical product Lexor 25, ideal for using right before the flowering stage for a long-lasting protection.

BotryProt is a highly efficient bio product designed to prevent and get rid of botrytis, stopping the spread and helping to cure your plants.

Before using pesticides:

  • Carefully read the instructions and label.
  • Respect any instructions, safety periods and elimination protocols.
  • Use proper protective material.

At La Huerta Grow Shop, we recommend protecting your plants in an environmentally friendly manner, using bio/organic insecticides and preventive products.

If you have any questions regarding the best insecticide or fungicide for your particular issue, you can get in touch with our team of professionals.

If you’re having trouble identifying the infestation or fungal infection in your plants, you can send us an email with pictures to Make sure to send us a general picture of the plant and close-up pictures of the issue itself so that we can identify it.

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