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All growers know how important it is to choose the right products for your cannabis plants. However, if you’ve just started off, it may seem a bit complicated and confusing due to the large amount of brands and products on the market.

One of the most important jobs that growers have is preventing, detecting and eliminating any type of insect or fungal infection on their plants. You’ll need to know how to choose preventive products, insecticides and fungicides for your cannabis plants.

There’s an endless amount of products designed to prevent and get rid of infestations on your plants, and at La Huerta Grow Shop we have some of the best pesticides by the best brands, as well as a team of professionals available to help with whatever you need.

We recommend using bio products with your cannabis plants for a more environmentally-friendly approach; you should never consume flowers that have been sprayed with chemical products as they may be toxic.

This is why most of the insecticides and fungicides that we stock are organic and natural in origin, with a few chemical options for absolute extreme cases during the growth/vegetative stage.


This Spanish company creates professional products specialized for cannabis plants. Their range of eco-preventive products are ideal for those growers looking for an alternative to damaging chemical products.

Apart from being eco-friendly, Prot-Eco also provides their products in small containers designed for small-scale growers, allowing you to make the most of the product. Some examples of their best-sellers are:

  • Eco-fungicides: Prot-Eco creates preventive products designed to also get rid of fungal infestations: Oidioprot, Copperprot, Botryprot, among others. Thanks to Prot-Eco, you’ll be able to keep your grow safe from invaders such as oidium, botrytis, rust and more.
  • Mobet and Bio Neem: these are two of Prot-Eco’s best products, the repellent Bio Neem and protector Mobet. The first of these contains neem oil, and the second contains insecticidal soap. Neem oil is a potent organic insect repellent that comes from neem tree extracts, and it is more efficiwent and lasts for longer when used alongside products high in potassium such as Mobet.


Trabe is another Spanish company, founded in 1996, and since then they’ve been manufacturing eco-friendly products under regulation CE 2092/91. As well as making fertilizers and additives, Trabe also manufactures organic pesticides such as Ekisan, a potent fungicide made using horsetail extract.

Diatical by Trabe, as well as being a stimulant and stress reducer, is also an insecticide made using diatomaceous earthy which acts by damaging insects, snails, and aphids, dehydrating them until they die.


BAC is a Dutch company that started out in 2002, with the objective to provide the public with organic products that are easy to use. As well as manufacturing organic stimulants and additives, BAC also creates preventive products for insects and fungal infections.

Plant Vitality Plus is a preventive product designed for both the growth and flowering stages, highly efficient when it comes to red spider mites and the stress they can cause. Funky Fungi is a product that contains 4 different types of beneficial mycorrhizae which protect your plants’ root system from soil pathogens and infections.

Other Renowned Brands

At La Huerta Grow Shop we’re constantly doing our best to bring you the best products for your plants, which is why we work with amazing brands like the ones previously mentioned, as well as Atami, Canna, Bayer and more.

You can also check out our section of varied insecticides and fungicides designed to prevent and get rid of insects in your grow. From the most basic preventive tools like yellow and blue sticky strips used to prevent flying infestations, to potent chemical pesticides such as Solfac Automatic Forte by Bayer, an automatic sprayer used to fumigate areas in which you’ve grown and had a previous infestation.

Neudorff is amother amazing brand from Germany, with their best-seller Spruzit, a bio insecticide and acaricide that acts via contact, getting rid of eggs, larvae and adults of all types of insects. Antilimacos Ferramol is another Neudorff product which is highly efficient against snail and slug infestations outdoors.

You can also acquire potent products such as Lexor 25 by Probelte, a preventive and combative fungicide that’s highly efficient. Skunk by Probelte is a chemical acaricide designed to kill eggs and larvae.

Keep in mind that chemical products should not be used during the flowering stage due to the amount of residues that they leave behind and their long safety period.

If you have any questions regarding these brands or pesticides, make sure to get in touch with our team of professionals and we’ll help you to protect your plants.

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