Containers and Accessories

Every cannabis grower needs a series of accessories used to help out in the numerous tasks involved in growing cannabis. Flower pots, trays, rooters, cloners etc. Keep reading if you want to find out everything about our cannabis containers and accessories.

What Contains and Accessories do I Need for my Cannabis Plants?

At La Huerta Grow Shop we have a wide catalogue of containers and accessories designed for growing cannabis indoors and outdoors.


In our flowerpot section, you can find all sorts of flowerpots for cannabis plants:

  • White flowerpots for outdoors: in outdoor grows, we recommend using white flowerpots to stop the sun from heating up and burning your plants’ roots. If you want to grow large plants, we recommend using 40L and 50L white flowerpots, as well as an expanded clay base in order to keep the substrate of the ground and allow for easier drainage.
  • Black flowerpots for indoors: if you plan on growing indoors, we recommend using square black flowerpots. Check out our catalogue for the following sizes: 0.2L, 0.4L, 0.7L, 1.65L, 2L, 3.5L, 5L, 7L, 11L, 18L.
  • Geotextile flowerpots: geotextile flowerpots such as Smart Pot are ideal for indoor and outdoor grows. This type of flowerpot is ideal for adapting to your plants’ natural root growth, increasing drainage while also being much easier to clean.
  • For hydroponic grows in systems such as AeroFloCutting Board or Rainforest, you can use hydro pots.
  • Trays designed to hold any extra water, so you don’t flood your grow room or balcony.


In this section you can find all sorts of trays for indoor growing. Trays protect the floor of your grow tent or grow room, and they come in all sizes you can pick the one which best fits your growing style.

  • Watertight trays: these trays are strong and long-lasting, available in six different sizes.
  • Growing trays have channels and allow you to set up a drain and can be used as watering tables.

Seed and Clone Trays

Here you can find trays for seedlings and cuttings such as:

Trays for clones are definitely the best way to get your clones to root, and you can move them all at the same time.

Stakes and Trellis Nets

In the stake and trellis net section you can find different ways to hold up your plants so that they can spend more energy on producing heftier buds, rather than attempting to fortify their branches. Our catalogue includes steel and bamboo stakes, an easy way to keep your plants up straight and improve your yield.

You can also check out our SoG nets (Sea of Green); this technique involves growing a lot of small plants which grow one large central bud. It results in larger and faster yields. If you’re going to grow using a SoG set up, we recommend using clones, as they’ll all grow at the same rate and can be made flower at the same time.


In our propagator section you’ll find the best accessories used to maintain the perfect humidity conditions to root your clones; soft plastic propagators, hard propagators, and heated propagators. Plus, we also have heaters for propagators and heating cables used to keep temperatures stable and steady.


In our tank section you can find high quality water tanks in different sizes in order to meet both home and professional growers’ needs. Water tanks allow you to prepare large amounts of water and nutrients for your plants, which saves time on filling watering cans multiple times, controlling the pH of each full etc. Water Tanks are a must if you have a watering system or hydroponic grow. You can choose between plastic tanks such as our round lidded tanks, 90L and 180L tanks, or our flexible water tank that fits anywhere.

Growing Tables

Growing tables are incredibly helpful when it comes to easily accessing your plants. They’re highly practical for balcony and roof grows, as well as hydroponic growing. We recommend Grow Rack, a table that allows you to set different heights. We also have a grow stand with two cross bars, allowing you to set up a 1 x 1m or 1.2 x 1.2m grow table about 40cm off the ground, keeping your plants nice and airy and above the hot ground in outdoor grows.

Growing Accessories

In our “other accessory” section you can find super strong pulleys for your lighting systems, tags used to identify your plants, plastic measuring glasses, pipettes and much more. This section also contains reflective plastic sheeting for indoor grow rooms or homemade grow tents. For example, black and white plastic sheeting which reflects up to 80%, available in 85 and 125 microns; one of the most affordable models and a great price/quality ratio. If you’re looking for the highest possible reflection for your indoor grow, we recommend Lightite Diamond, which reflects up to 97% of all light.

If you have any questions about our products and accessories for growing cannabis indoors and outdoors, make sure to get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of experts.

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