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Harmony eliquid

Harmony designs and creates efficient, healthy and high quality CBD products at affordable prices. Harmony has a particular point of view that’s based in science in order to offer the benefits of CBD to their consumers.

Harmony’s History

Antonin Cohen, the founder of Harmony, started studying the uses of hemp back in 2008. They were one of the founders in France of the first non-profit organization dedicated to studying hemp. Their work with activists, scientists and business people has given them a solid experience on which to base their activity.

Siz years later, in 2014, the first CBD product made by Harmony comes onto the market. Things weren’t easy at the start, as Antonin Cohen had to fight a six year court battle (costing him around 200,000 euro) due to selling CBD products in France. His work ethic and constancy won a victory for the French and European hemp and CBD industries. The resolution obtained from the European Justive Tribunal was that states may not prohibit the sale of CBD products produced in another EU state when extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant, not only its fibre and seeds.

As of now, Harmony has locations in Paris, Barcelona, London and Lima, where they distribute their products to America and Europe.

Harmony’s Keys to Success

In a short amount of time, Harmony has gone on to become a leading manufacturer in the sector. They’ve clearly been successful thanks to four clear reasons:

  • Harmony manufactures healthy products. Their products are made using 99% natural ingredients. Their knowledge of the sector guarantee that their objective is fulfilled, using hemp that’s free of pesticides and other dangerous substances which may compromise the quality of their CBD products.
  • All Harmony products have been tried and tested. Harmony doesn’t make any products that don’t offer their consumers real benefits. Their amazing service is always one step ahead of the competition. Customer satisfaction is fundamental for Harmony, sometimes even above their own company satisfaction.
  • Harmony’s philosophy is based on constant innovation, in which they believer there’s always a possibility to do more and better. Their constant innovation has made them quire popular. Harmony only produces safe, tested and affordable products.
  • Ever since they began, they started off with a very clear goal and many quality controls used in the industry. This brand is proud of letting everyone know how they make their products, which is how they’ve managed to create such a relationship with their customers.

La Huerta Grow Shop Harmony Products

Our store stocks some of the best harmony CBD e-liquids for using in vapes and e-cigs. CBD e-liquids don’t produce any type of psychoactivity because they don’t contain THC, and they’re made up of:

  • PG, propylene glycol, alongside VG, vegetable glycerine, are used as bade for creating e-liquids. PG doesn’t produce any aromas or colours and is not toxic. PG allows CBD to dissolve, as well as the aromas and flavours in the e-liquid, making vapour visible and producing a similar sensation to smoking a cigarette.
  • VG is also a substance that doesn’t produce aroma or colour, which adds a sweet flavour when vaped. It’s used to add density to vapour and to soften the flavour of the e-liquid.
  • Terpenes, which is to say botanic terpenes responsible for aroma and flavour of cannabis plants. Terpenes have quite a synergetic effect on cannabinoids, which is how they can modify their effects; this is what’s called the terpene entourage effect.
  • CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound that’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoids that’s used in many countries for its medicinal properties.

Harmony e-liquids have a 80% PG and 20% VG ratio, which provides a healthy vaping experience with thick vapour.

La Huerta Grow Shop Harmony CBD E-Liquids

Here you can find a wide range of Harmony e-liquids, all available in two concentrations: 30mg CBD Cannabidiol (3ml/ml) and 100mg CBD Cannabidiol (10mg/ml). You can choose from:

At la Huerta Grow Shop you can get in touch with our team if you have any questions regarding Harmony CBD products.

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