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Hesi fertilizers

HESI Fertilizers and Additives for Cannabis Plants

HESI Plantenvoeding is a company that manufactures and distributes fertilizers and additives for growing cannabis.

Located in Kerkrade, a Dutch city in Limburg, HESI is a combination of their founders’ names, Henk Ipelar and Siglinde Winker. Plantenvoeding means vegetable nutrition in Dutch.

HESI, A Family Company

HESI started off and is still a family company. They started out in 1993; Siglinde Winkler was in charge of a lab that manufactured products for aquariums. The owner of the factory had a plant nursery that was struggling, so he asked Siglinde for help because he knew she was good with plants. After a lab analyses, Siglinde appeared with fertilizer that managed to save his plants.

Henk, around the same time, had just bought the Limbogrow growshop. Surprised by the quality of his own yields, he gave the products to Siglinde to try and her customers were surprised at the successful results.

On April 1st 1996 HESI was founded. They outsourced their products to Germany, where the cannabis market was just starting in comparison to the Dutch market, opening the door to new customers. In no time at all they went from making homemade fertilizers to being in over 35 countries.

HESI’s Philosophy

  • HESI combines high quality with scientific research in order to make their products.
  • The entire production and packaging process is done in a factory in Kerkgrade.
  • HESI fertilizers and additives are easy to use and have a high price-quality ratio.
  • HESI introduced feeding schedules to make using additives and nutrients easier.
  • HESI also created the first Starter Kit pack for beginners.
  • HESI likes to keep close contact with those that use their products; Siglinde has participated in many different forums and pages, providing plenty of nutrient knowledge. Since 1997 they’ve also been participating in fairs.

Which HESI Base Fertilizer to Choose

HESI fertilizers combine macro and micronutrients with enzymes, vitamins and amino-acids in order to get the best possible results.

Here are your HESI fertilizer options depending on the substrate in which you’re growing:

For Growing Cannabis in Soil

  • TNT Complex: this is a complete fertilizer designed for the growth period in soil. This product contains organically-sourced nitrogen (urea). It’s also enriched with vitamins B1, B2, B3, vegetable sugars and amino acids.
  • HESI Flowering Complex: this is a complete fertilizer designed for the glowering period. It contains all of the macro and micronutrients necessary for this stage, including amino acids and vitamins. From the second half of the flowering period you’ll need to use Phosphorus Plus in order to fatten the buds. HESI’s products for soil are slightly acidic, allowing for correct pH levels in your nutrient solution.

For Growing Cannabis Hydroponically

  • HESI Hydro Grow: this is a complete growth fertilizer for hydroponic grows. HESI has combined A and B in just one product, making it easier to use and adapting it to each growth phase.
  • HESI Hydro Flower: this contains all of the nutrients and micronutrients that your plants need to start a strong flowering period. During the second half of the flowering stage you’ll need to use PK 13-14 as an additive.

For Growing Cannabis in Coco Coir

  • TNT Complex for growth.
  • Hesi Coco: this is HESI’s flowering formula, a complete fertilizer that also contains vitamins, amino acids and carbohydrates.

HESI Bud Fatteners

HESI’s bud fatteners have the ideal concentration to be used alongside their flowering fertilizers.

  • Phosphorus Plus: this is a phosphorus and potassium additive with a 7 – 5 PK used for fattening buds in soil.
  • PK 13 – 14: this adds the necessary phosphorus that cannabis plants need during the second half of the flowering period in order to fatten. Designed for coco coir and hydroponic substrates.

HESI Stimulants and Additives

HESI’s stimulants and additives are designed to be used with all substrates.

  • HESI Root Complex: this is a combination of oligo-elements, vitamins, amino acids and carbohydrates for a strong start and good root growth.
  • HESI Supervit: this give your plants vitamins and amino acids that stimulate their metabolism. Extra energy for the growth and flowering periods.
  • HESI Powerzyme: this enzyme extract is designed to turn dead roots into nutrients and sugars for your plants to absorb.
  • HESI Boost: this is an organic product made up of fruit enzymes and vitamins that accelerates the start of the flowering period in order to grow more, larger flowers.

Remember, you can count on the team of experts at La Huerta Grow Shop if you need any help choosing your fertilizers and additives.

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