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Cyclones blunts

Cannabis can be consumed in many different ways, and one of the most common ways is via smoking a joint or a blunt. As you well know, on the current market there are an endless amount of rolling papers, from hemp papers in all sizes, to pre-rolled blunts, as well as all types of flavoured papers. At La Huerta Grow Shop, we stock many different rolling paper brands.

Cyclones cones are pre-rolled cones made from hemp in order to give you a pleasant experience when consuming your cannabis. These cones are particularly ideal for those that don’t want to mix their flowers with tobacco, looking for a complete cannabis experience.

Cyclones Smoking Papers

Cyclones blunts are king size and they come pre-rolled with a little stick used to pack in your buds. These cones are available in different flavours and formats, such as:

  • Herbies Mean Green Cyclones: these pre-rolled cones are made of hemp and don’t produce any type of additional flavour, perfect for those that just want to enjoy a pure blunt.
  • Clear Cyclones: these cyclones are made using transparent cellulose papers, available in different flavours; Cyclones Clear give your blunts quite an interesting touch.
  • Hemp Sugar Can Xtra Slo Cyclones: also made out of hemp, these pre-rolled blunts give your blunts a certain sugarcane flavour. Additionally, they’re double-rolled, which allows for a slower burn, allowing consumers to enjoy their blunts even more. They have an aromatized and reusable bamboo filter.
  • White Cones Blunt Cyclones: if you’re looking for intense, sweet flavours, you’ll love these pre-rolled blunts with an intense white chocolate flavour. Additionally, they also include an aromatized and reusable bamboo filter.
  • Hemp Blue X-Tra Cyclones: these pre-rolled blunts have an intense blueberry flavour and they’re ideal for those that love Blueberry strains, creating a unique and flavourful experience.

Cyclone cones don't contain nicotine nor tobacco, and you can also keep the containers afterwards to carry your pre-rolled blunts ready to smoke.

How to Fill a Pre-Rolled Blunt

If you want to fill a pre-rolled blunt and achieve ideal density; you’ll need to do it slowly and with the help of a rolling tray (in order to catch any fallen materials). These cones come with tools used to pack them down softly, without packing it too hard.

A joint that is too packed won't have enough airflow and it'll be difficult to consume, whereas on the other hand if it's not packed properly there'll be too much airflow and it won't burn evenly, wasting papers and buds.

If you’re thinking of filling many ones at once try out the RAW Loader, a tool designed for filling pre-rolled cones which comes with a packer and a plastic card for handling your plant material.

If you want to learn more about Cyclone cones, get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop's team of experts and we'll help you out.

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