Elite Seeds

Elite Seeds

Elite Seeds is a seed bank based in Valencia and has been active since 2007, working to offer cannabis strains high in THCV and CBDV. Elite Seeds has their own laboratory in the Scientific Park at the University of Valencia, where they analyse cannabinoids using the HPLC technique. This project allows Elite to stand out among other seed banks, as they work to create innovative strains rich in previously hard to find cannabinoids such as CBDV.

Thanks to their research, Elite seeds can guarantee their customers a high cannabinoid count in their seeds.

Elite Seeds Catalogue – What to Expect

The team of breeders at this seed bank are incredibly focused on the scientific and medicinal aspects of cannabis strains. They take genetic composition very seriously in order to offer high quality products. They have three different ranges within their catalogue:

- Potent feminized cannabis strains with high THC levels, such as indicas like Blue Elite Indica, sativas like Llimonet Haze and autoflowering strains.

- Feminized and autoflowering feminized strains with CBD and THC such as Juanita la Lagrimosa and La Rica Autofloreciente CBD.

- Pure CBD feminized and autoflowering feminized strains like Solodiol and Solodiol Autoflowering.

Elite Seeds’ cannabis strains come packed in a metal box that you can use as a keychain or to store a small bud.

Discover the amazing strains that this incredible seed bank produces and make sure to check in with our team if you have any questions; we’re happy to help!

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