Grow Tents

Grow Tents

What are Grow Tents?

Grow Tents allow you to set up an indoor grow at home, discreetly and easily.These grow tents have a metal structure that holds up an opaque cover with a reflective interior.

Why you Should Get an Indoor Grow Tent

Using an indoor grow tent is a great way to make the most out of your available space. They have many advantages, including maximum discretion and the fact that you can keep using the room in which you place your grow tent.

Grow Tent Advantages

  • Grow tents create the ideal microclimate for plants. You’ll be able to control all parameters such as temperature, humidity, and air circulation with extreme ease.
  • You can make the most out of your grow lights, because light is reflected from the walls inside. When growing in an open room you tend to lose a lot of light when it bounces off the walls. Plus, grow tents are much more discreet than growing in a grow tent; you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing the light emitted from your grow lights under the door or through the window.
  • Grow tents are fully opaque, which means that you can keep using the rest of the room where the tent is as usual without any annoying extra light.
  • Grow tents allow you to grow almost all year around. You might need an AC unit during the hottest months of the year, but the rest of the year you can grow easily.
  • Higher quality cannabis.
  • They’re easy to set up and take down.
  • No need to build anything or modify your room.

Where can I Buy an Indoor Grow Tent?

Here you’ll find every type of grow tent that you could need for growing cannabis indoors; small, large, low-cost or professional; the best brands. We also stock grow tents designed for preserving mother plants or growing clones or saplings.

What Grow Tent Should I Get?

The first thing you’ll need to consider is how much space you have available in your room and how tall it is – this will determine the size of your grow tent.

The next factor to keep in mind is the amount of flowers you want to harvest. Your final yield will also depend on the size of your grow tent and the quality of your equipment, as well as your experience level. Regardless of the amount of plants you decide to place in your grow tent; whether you decide to place lots of small plants or a few large plants, the results will be quite similar.

For example, 60x60cm grow tents allow you to fit up to 4 7L flowerpots or 9 4L flowerpots. When using 7L flowerpots you'll grow larger plants and harvest an average of 40g per plant. However, plants in 4L poits will grow shorter and produce between 15 and 18g per plant - the final result is more or less the same amount.

How to Choose the Best Grow Tent

The following are characteristics that you’ll need to keep in mind when choosing a grow tent.

  • Strong structure to hold up your equipment – the material used in the structure can make quite the difference when it comes to different models.
  • Interior reflective lining – the quality of the lining of the tent directly influences the performance and quality of its flowers.
  • Zip – you’ll have to open and close your grow tent plenty of times whenever you need to tend to your plants, and if you want your tent to last as long as possible you’ll need to choose one with high quality zips.
  • Strong covering – the fabric covering should be strong and durable.
  • Opaque – the grow tent must be completely opaque for a successful flowering period and so that your plants don’t end up stressed out.

These are the main characteristics sought-after in grow tents, however high-end tents also include:

  • Windows: these allow you to access each area of the grow tent.
  • Extras: for example, waterproof fabric trays for protecting the floor, trellis nets for your plants and for training, cable-holders etc.

Grow Tents for All Needs

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find the best grow tents at the best prices.

Pure Tent Grow Tents

Pure Tent by Pure Factory is the most affordable range in our category and they’re definitely well worth their money. They have an easy to set-up structure that’s made up of 14mm metal tubes covered with an epoxy resin for strengthening them, 3-4 way corner joints, and strong stitching with a good finish. Plus, they also have a pocket for storing your measuring devices, and the interior is covered with a Mylar 400D reflective interior which reflects up to 95%.

Hydro Shoot Grow Tents

Hydro Shoot is a low-cost grow tent range by the well-known grow tent manufacturer, Secret Jardin.

  • Their smaller grow tents have a q195 16mm steel structure, and the largest ones have a steel q15 19mm diameter structure.
  • Interiors covered in 98% reflective Mylar lining.
  • Reinforces 8mm zipper.
  • Includes waterproof fabric tray.
  • Includes trellis net for holding plants and improving yield.

Dark Street Grow Tents

Dark Street is Secret Jardin’s top range small tent section – perfect for growers that don’t have much space and want the highest quality grow tent.

  • Q195 Steel 16mm diameter tube structures.
  • The structure can hold up to 10 kg.
  • Dark Street grow tents come with the necessary tools that allow you to choose where to place your extractor fan, ventilation holes with light filters and even a cable outlet.
  • Comes with a net that allows you to train your plants and increase yield considerably.
  • Includes waterproof fabric tray.
  • Clips for cables and nets.
  • Cable holders.
  • Filter and lighting holders.

Dark Room Grow Tents

Dark Room by Secret Jardin is a grow tent range designed for professionals that require large tents. They’re durable, strong and made using high quality materials. This type of grow tent allows you to get to your plants from each side of the tent, which makes tending to them much easier.

Dark Room grow tent characteristics:

  • 25mm diameter steel 201 stubes, 0.6mm thick.
  • Structure can hold lighting and filters up to 20kg.
  • You can choose where to place your air filtration inlets and cable holes.
  • Ducting flange kit included.
  • Comes with a net for holding up plants.
  • Has waterproof fabric water tray for the grow tent floor.
  • Includes cable and net clips.
  • Includes cable holders.
  • Includes holders for filters and lighting.

Dark Propagator Grow Tents

Dark Propagator is Secret Jardin’s grow tent range designed for preserving mother plants and rooting clones. These grow tents are ideal for growing cycles while your other plants finish flowering in another tent. This can save growing time in your grows. You can also choose a mother plant to preserve and use it for mother plants.

The 60x40x60cm and 90x60x98cm Dark Propagator models are perfect for combining clones, mother plants and plants in the veg stage. The Dark Propagator is an intensive propagation system that allows you to root up to 1650 clones per grow in 110 cube trays.

  • 16mm diameter steel Q195 tubes.
  • Structure can support up to 10kg.
  • Dark Propagator grow tents allow you to choose the intake and cable inlet and outlet location.
  • Ducting Flange included.
  • Contains a sturdy waterproof fabric tray for the grow tent floor.
  • Clips for cables.

The Huerta Grow Shop has a team of professionals that are more than happy to help if you have any questions regarding grow tents.

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