Fast Buds

Fast Buds

420 Fast Buds is a seed bank specialized in potent, high-yielding cannabis plants.

This particular collective, made up of Californian breeders that have been in Barcelona since 2010, offers classic hybrids and popular US strains in autoflowering formats. Their hybrids have been crossed with their special Canadian ruderalis, and have been adapted to the cold northern American climates.

Fast Bud Seeds’ strains have high THC levels. Most of them have THC levels over 18%, which is a characteristic that has made this seed bank quite popular among autoflowering growers, as these seeds are just as potent as photoperiodic seeds.

Fast Buds US Autoflowering Strains

Fast Buds Seeds specializes in creating high quality autoflowering seeds, and they also work with many famous American and Canadian seeds when creating their strains. If you’re looking for effects and flavours that can be found in dispensaries along the West Coast, you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking for an autoflowering plant capable of producing large yields, Bruce Banner Auto is the strain for you. Its THC levels can reach up to 25%, something that, just a few years ago, was unthinkable in autoflowering strains. This strain produces a diesel-like flavour, with a sweeter than usual flavour, accompanied by a happy effect that’s ideal for getting rid of stress and creative activities.

Zkittlez Auto is the autoflowering version of the US strain, created using a Zkittlez selection and a Ruderalis plant. It produces quite a particularly unique flavour; sweet, fruity and with an interesting hint of chocolate. Its effect is quite relaxing while also keeping you mentally active enough to still get things done.

Gorilla Cookies Auto is an autoflowering plant that can take just 70 days to mature from germination; it produces an intense effect which is both stimulating and long-lasting, ending in a relaxing sensation. It has an intense Kush flavour with hints of Diesel and cookies; peculiar and delicious. It produces high yields considering its fast flowering.

Purple Punch Auto is the autoflowering version of an emblematic strain found in Californian dispensaries. This strain can produce up to 24% THC, which, when combined with its terpene profiler, combines quite an intense physical effect. Its aroma is deep and sweet, similar to cherries and blueberries.

Fast Buds’ Autoflowering European Seeds

As well as offering potent US seeds, Fast Buds also offers quite a wide range of European autoflowering seeds and some of their very own creations, such as the following.

If you’re looking for autoflowering versions of classic seeds, you can stop here because Fast Buds has what you need. One of their most classic strains is Original Auto White Widow, a strain that does justice to the original, from way back in the 90s. It produces a clear, euphoric mental effect that ends up being a deeply relaxing effect.

Another classic is Original Auto AK, an autoflowering version of a strain that’s incredibly popular in Dutch coffee shops. This strain is easy to grow, discreet and produces an intense sativa effect, ideal for those that need a little extra inspiration or creativity. It has a flowery, earthy flavour that’s ideal for those that love old school coffee shop flavours.

One of the most consumed strains in Spain is Critical, and Fast Buds has their own version, Original Auto Critical which is quite similar to the original strain; high yields, intense flavours and effects, and it’s easy to grow. This strain has everything it needs to be your new favourite autoflowering strain.

If you love intense flavours, Original Auto Cheese is the perfect strain for you; it replicates the original Cheese’s flavour almost exactly, adding some fruity flavours. Its effect is incredibly potent and long-lasting, and it’s also super easy to grow and quite discreet, which makes it ideal for terraces and balconies, although when it begins to mature it can produce some intense aromas that may tip off your nosey neighbours.

Fast Buds Autoflowering CBD-Rich Strains

Fast Buds knows that medicinal and recreational consumers alike sometimes want to be able to experience the medicinal benefits of CBD, cannabidiol. Many studies indicate that cannabidiol may contain pain relief, muscle relaxant and relaxing properties, among others.

CBD Crack is an autoflowering medicinal strain with a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, ideal for medicinal and recreational consumers that want to enjoy cannabis with a more moderate effect. Its has a spicy, citric flavour and it produces quite a large amount of flowers keeping in mind that it’s an autoflowering plant.

If you’re looking for an even more potent medicinal effect, you can try out CBD Auto 20:1. This strain only produces up to 0.3% THC, which makes it legal to grow in many countries. It doesn’t produce any type of psychoactive effect, and as its name would suggest, it produces incredibly high amounts of CBD, which gives it potent medicinal effects.

Check out Fast Buds’ catalogue if you’re looking for the perfect autoflowering strain for your needs. If you have any questions, make sure to get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of professionals and we’ll help you to find the perfect strain.

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