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Hydroponic Growing


Hydroponic Growing

Hydroponic Growing

Hydroponics is a growing technique that uses water as your plants’ growing medium. Cannabis plants are grown in baskets with an inert substance such as coco coir, rockwool, expanded clay etc. This means that there’s no nutrients for your plants readily available in their substrate, so you’ll need to provide them via water.

This growing technique is designed for those looking for larger yields in less time, and it’s quite similar to aeroponics; the main difference is that plants grown aeroponically have their roots simply suspended in the air and receive more oxygen.

Hydroponic grows allow your plants’ roots to grow out much more, also, thanks to the fact that they have more space to grow out and can receive enough water and oxygen for optimal growth. These systems produce larger plants in less time, as well as being much simpler and less hassle to use compared to normal grows.

There are two types of nutrient circulation in hydroponic systems:

  • Open circuit, in which the water and nutrient solution is fed to the plants and then drained away.
  • Closed circuit, in which you circulate the nutrient solution through the system and reuse them.

If you’re looking for an efficient and trustworthy hydroponic system, you’ll be able to find what you need at La Huerta Grow Shop.

Complete Hydroponic Systems

If you need a closed circuit system, which is to say a system that circulates nutrients and water, you can check out our catalogue, which has various models that come in different sizes for all needs:

  • Aeroflo: this closed circuit is one of the most professional systems on the market, used by growers, researchers and scientists all over the world.

It’s designed to release water and nutrients in the perfect combination alongside oxygen for an intense growth compared to other growing systems. Plus, it can also be used to root and grow clones in the one spot, avoiding the stress of transplanting them.

  • Aqua Farm: this closed hydroponic system has everything you need to start growing. It’s a one pot system, available in different sizes. It provides amazing results and has quite an affordable price, making it quite the popular choice for growing cannabis.

These flowerpots are designed to hold up to 6 plants using expanded clay, depending on the size of the strain. The “growing chamber” (where the roots are hanging) is suspended over a water tank where your nutrient solution should be; the pump pushes the nutrients up and over your plants’ roots, and then it falls back down to the tank.

Setting up Your Own Hydroponic System

As well as complete systems, at La Huerta Grow Shop you can find all necessary tools and objects for setting up your very own hydroponic or aeroponic grow at home. In order to do this from the ground up, you’ll need to have some knowledge regarding watering systems and how to set them up.

With this in mind, you’ll start off with substrate such as coco slabs or rock wool, and a slab tray. We have everything needed to set up your own open hydroponic system, from drippers and pipe drippers, to tanks for water, as well as pumps and air diffusers in order to oxygenate your water.

If you have a leak or you need specific parts, check out our catalogue for any spares or replacement parts, from elbows and tops to splitters.

We also stock products designed to make growing in hydroponics easier, such as Canna D-Block, designed to clean and prevent possible accumulations and blockages in your system’s pipes without affecting your plants. If you want to improve your plants’ breathing, we recommend Co2 Boost tablets which can help you to grow healthier and stronger plants.

If you have any questions regarding hydroponic growing and what it involves, get in touch with our team of professionals and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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