DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics

The Dutch seed bank DNA Genetics was founded in 2004 by the current owners, Don and Aaron. Right from the beginning, DNA Genetics has been awarded many prizes and cannabis cups, making quite the name for themselves in the cannabis sector.

DNA Genetics is known for producing feminized, regular and autoflowering seeds that produce potent effects and have interesting terpene and cannabinoid combinations. They also produce a wide range of surprising Limited Edition seeds.

DNA Genetics Seed Catalogue – What to Expect

They stock well-known feminized strains such as the sweet Chocolope, which has an intense pineapple aroma; OG Kush, with its unmistakable US flavor, or Lemon Skunk with its citric aroma that thousands of growers love.

This reputable seed bank also has a wide range of regular seeds that allow you to cross your very own strains and make your own hybrids. Some of their best strains are the potent, dense-budded and resinous Kosher Kush or the sweet and potent Kandy Kush, among others,

They also stock a wide range of limited edition strains thanks to collaborating with organizations such as Crockett Family Farms, with whom they’ve created the famous Tangie, an intense citric strain, or Nicole Kush, a strain that comes from a collaboration with Colombian breeders Marimberos.

For those that enjoy autoflowering seeds, DNA Genetics provides certain feminized auto strains with potent effects including El Fuego Auto, which produces buds full of resin, or 60 Day Lemon, the autoflowering version of their highly appreciated Lemon Skunk.

Are you having trouble choosing a strain? Don’t worry, consult our team and they’ll help you out.

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