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Coco Coir

Coco Coir

What is Coco Coir?

Coco coir is a type of substrate designed for growing cannabis, especially in indoor grows. This substrate is ideal for advanced growers looking to obtain the maximum yield possible from their indoor plants. This type of substrate is airy and allows for faster and stronger growth.

Both coco coir substrate and coco coir bricks are inert substrates which means that they don’t contain any type of nutrition; you’ll need to add fertilizers when watering.

Pros of Growing Cannabis in Coco

This type of substrate can offer certain benefits that other substrates such as soil don’t have:

  • They contain more oxygen than traditional soil substrates which increases root growth.
  • They contain Trichoderma, which is a beneficial fungus that can help root growth and improves your plants’ immune system.
  • This substrate allows for absolute control over the nutrients given to your plants.

Cons of Growing Cannabis in Coco

  • Like any other substrate, coco coir also has a few downsides that you’ll want to keep in mind:
  • This is not the best substrate for beginners. You’ll need to give your plants nutrients via water, and if you make any mistakes and don’t fix them fast enough you may end up ruining your entire harvest.
  • Most coco fertilizer ranges are either biomineral or mineral, so it’s almost impossible to have a 100% organic grow using coco coir substrate.

Types of Coco Coir for Cannabis Plants

Growing Cannabis in Coco

Coco substrates usually comes in two formats:

  • Coco bricks or slabs: such as the Urgo coco bricks, these bricks are hydrated coco coir that you’ll need to hydrate before planting. This type of format is ideal if you need a lot of substrate; it’s discreet and easy to transport.
  • Coco substrate: in this format, the substrate comes hydrated and ready to use. It has the same properties as coco bricks although it comes in 50L sacks: One of the most-used coco substrates is Atami Coco.

Fertilizers for Coco Substrates

If you decide to use this type of substrate we recommend using a fertilizer range designed specifically for coco coir. They usually come in two parts which you’ll need to mix together in water, such as Canna Coco A + B. There are also fertilizers designed for coco that come in just one part such as Hesi Coco.

When growing cannabis using coco coir you’ll need to use enzymes frequently; coco substrate tends to accumulate salts and excessive nutrient accumulation can be bad for your plants in the long run. Enzymes are in charge of decomposing dead roots and excess minerals that have accumulated, turning them into nutrients that your plants can absorb.

We also recommend using smaller pots than what you would use in soil; coco causes fast, strong growth and you may end up with plants that are too tall to fit in your grow tent.

  • 3.5L flower pots would be ideal if you follow this recommendation, which would be the same as a 7L flowerpot with soil substrate.

Having doubts when it comes to the perfect substrate? Make sure to check in with our team of experts and they’ll help you solve any issues.

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