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Biomineral Fertilizers

Biomineral Fertilizers

What are Biomineral Fertilizers for Growing Cannabis?

Biomineral fertilizers are organic-based fertilizers that are combined with a small amount of mineral fertilizers, usually about one fourth or less.

Biomineral fertilizers combine the best of both fertilizer types; fast absorption thanks to the chemical nutrients alongside the benefits of microbial life in the substrate common in organic grows.

Over the last few years, biomineral fertilizers and additives for cannabis have become more popular. There’s a simple explanation for this – they provide amazing results in the hands of experienced growers.

Biomineral Fertiliser Benefits when Growing Cannabis

  • Plants can absorb them almost as fast as mineral products.
  • They’ll also conserve their original flavour and aroma.
  • They tend to come in concentrated formats which means you’ll get more for your money and better results.

On the other hand, you’ll need to use more additives; when growing using this type of fertilizers, plants require more attention in order to make the most of their potential. Also, make sure to wash out the roots properly before harvesting.

What Biomineral Fertilizer Should you Pick?

In our store we stock all types of fertilizer brands; some that have small, simple collections and others with more complex ranges.

Just because a certain range of nutrients has more products doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. If you’re using a wide range of products you’ll be able to individually control each phase, although it is more expensive and you’ll have to do much more work when preparing your nutrient solutions.

Choosing a Biomineral Fertilizer

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find a wide range of biomineral fertilizers that can be used according to different needs or preferences.

If you’d prefer to use less products

If you’re looking for a simple range for growing in soil while making the most of biomineral fertilizers, we recommend:


Cannabiogen has a range of products which are all organic apart from the main element, the flowering stimulant Delta9, which is biomineral. This fertilizer and stimulant range contains:

Emerald Harvest:

This is a great way to achieve amazing results using few products. Emerald Harvest is a Californian fertilizer manufacturer that combines the best components used in growing cannabis. They provide a simple yet highly efficient feeding schedule. Their range includes:

You can also try out Mills, a Dutch biomineral fertilizer manufacturer, Grotek’s biomineral range and 1 Component and Soil Nutrition A+B by B'Cuzz.

For Extra Control over Additives and Fertilisers

For those looking to be as exact as possible when feeding their plants, we recommend using Advanced Nutrients. In the hands of an experienced growers you can obtain amazing results both in quality and quantity.

The bio-mineral fertilizers created by Advanced Nutrients are pH perfect products that don’t require a pH meter; if you’re using quality water it can automatically adjust pH levels.

Advanced Nutrients has a three-component fertilizer that you need to use during the plant’s entire life cycle; GrowMicro and Bloom. This product is ideal for growers used to three-product mineral ranges that are looking to jump into bio-mineral growing.

Advanced Nutrients has another biomineral range which is composed of Sensi A and B Grow and Bloom. These fertilizers are designed to allow you to start growing using Advanced Nutrients’ products.

Sensi A and B are a combination of bio-mineral growth and bloom fertilizers that contains in 4 different products, which used to be sold separately. Wet Betty, which increases liquid tension so that your plants can easily absorb nutrients; H-2 by Grandma Enggy, a humic acid additive; F-1 by Grandma Enggy, a fulvic acid additive and 20 L-amino acids.

If you’re an experienced grower, Advanced Nutrients also has a Connoisseur range with an A + B Grow and A + B Bloom.

Advanced Nutrients Stimulants and Additives

When it comes to stimulants and additives, Advanced Nutrients offers various different options on varying levels so that you can adapt these products to your way of growing.

They have the following additive and stimulant levels:


  • Voodoo Juice: beneficial bacteria that stimulates growth and flowering while also increasing nutrient absorption.
  • Big Bud: phosphorus and potassium supplement for the flowering period.
  • B-52: extra vitamins.
  • Overdrive: flowering booster.



  • Tarantula: beneficial substrate bacteria.
  • Nirvana: stimulant that accelerates metabolism and quickens flowering.
  • Sensizym: enzyme additive.

Grand Master

The Best Biomineral Fertilizer for Cannabis in Coco Coir

Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Coco Grow A and B for growth and Sensi Coco Bloom A and B for flowering is AN’s biomineral range adapted for coco coir substrates.

These base fertilizers are used with the same additives as their soil range except for Big Bud, which comes in Big Bud Coco format.

What’s the Best Biomineral Fertilizer for Autoflowering Plants?

When it comes to growing autoflowering plants indoors or outdoors, you have two different options for fertilizing:

Top Crop

Top Crop has a range of organic stimulants and fertilizers with a bio-mineral bud fattener called Top Bud.

  • Top Auto: growth and flowering base for autoflowering plants.
  • Deeper Underground: stimulant used for root growth.
  • Top candy: carbs for the flowering period.
  • Top Bud: potassium and phosphorus supplement for flowering.
  • Microvita: beneficial bacteria and fungi additive.
  • Big One: flowering stimulant used to increase resin and terpenes.

Bio Nova

Bio Nova is a Dutch manufacturer that produces a base fertilizer designed for autoflowering plants and that can be combined with their range of additives.

  • Autoflowering Supermix: base fertilizer for autoflowering plants.
  • PK 13 – 14: phosphorus and potassium supplement for flowering period.
  • Roots: bio root stimulant.
  • X-Cel: organic growth and flowering stimulant containing vitamins, amino acids and humic acids.
  • The Missing Link: organic BNZym enzyme fulvic acid additive.
  • Vitasol: carbohydrates.

Can you Grow Autoflowering Plants Using Light-Dependant Cannabis?

Yes, you can, but you’ll need to keep a close eye on the end of growth and start of flowering to switch fertilizers. You’ll also need to adapt the doses to the size of your plants.

Having doubts when it comes to fertilizer choices? Don’t worry, our team of experts can help you pick the perfect one for your garden.

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