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Bud Trimmers


Bud Trimmers

Bud Trimmers are machines that can save you quite a lot of time when it comes to trimming your buds after harvesting, especially if you have a lot of plants.

The Importance of Trimming

After drying your cannabis harvest for about two weeks, it’s time to start trimming them in order to get rid of their “sugar leaves”. This is done for a few different reasons:

  • Smoother smoke: the smoke produced by sugar leaves is thicker and rougher than the smoke from trimmed buds, which is why it’s better to remove these small leaves.
  • More cannabinoids: if you trim your buds at the right time, most of their trichomes will still be on the flowers; trimming correctly can increase the ratio between cannabinoids and plant material.
  • Aesthetics: although the most important parts of cannabis plants are their aroma, flavour and effect, the appearance of their buds is also quite an important factor to keep in mind. This is especially important for cannabis clubs and coffee shops, where appearance is incredibly important.

How do Bud Trimmers Work

There are plenty of trimmer models, from manual devices to electronic models designed to provide the best possible results. They’re designed to trim unnecessary sugar leaves on your flowers, leaving your buds looking much better while also producing a smoother smoke.

Most electric trimmers have a container into which you place the flowers, leather or silicone strips to move the buds and a base with a grid, which is usually made of steel. The trimmed leaves are generally stored or they fall out of the bottom of the device.

These devices are super useful for those that have quite a large amount of plants; manicuring your plants one by one can take quite a while, while electric and manual trimmers can reduce this time considerably.

Trimpro Trimmers

Ever since they came about, TrimPro trimmers have been considered the best trimmers in the cannabis sector. They’re designed to separate leaves from your flowers while causing minimal damage to the flowers themselves. They were created by Pierre Mercier, who originally had the idea to create a soft vacuum underneath the grid designed to pull the leaves toward a spinning blade underneath the grid.

After their first model, they began creating their TrimBox model, the smaller version, which is affordable and easy to handle, designed for home growers. Since then, this brand has kept growing and creating new models designed to fit the needs of all types of growers.

Check out our catalogue to find various TrimPro models that fit your needs:

TrimBox Bud Trimmer: this model is smaller than the TrimPro, capable of trimming up to 600g all at once, and it can be added to any table thanks to the included clips; it’s also available as a Workstation. In order to use it, you should place the branches or your cannabis plants on the grid without pressing down too much, turning it around in order to trim all of it. You can recover the leftover trimmings when finished.

TrimPro Bud Trimmer: this model can trim up to 1200g at once, and it works the same way as the TrimBox; place the branch or plant on the grid and turn it to trim.

Automatik Trimpro: this model allows for an easy, practical trimming process. It has three different motor speeds, allowing you to adjust it to your trimming needs. Place your flowers, with no branches or stems, in the top, close the lid and turn the machine on. You can adjust the speed as it turns, and it has an outlet to the side for the buds. It’s also available in XL, designed for industrial needs.

TrimPro Unplugged: ideal for those that don’t have large scale grows and are looking for discretion and to reduce the amount of time spend hand trimming.

Other Trimmers and Parts

For those looking for a more affordable solution, we also stock electric Table Trimmers, ideal for the needs of home growers. It may not have the same characteristics or be as strong as TrimPro models, but it’s definitely an affordable alternative that will meet the needs of small growers. It’s designed to be used by placing the branch or plant (dried) on the grid.

If you’re looking for maximum discretion when trimming, the SpinPro bud trimmer is ideal. Simply place your buds inside without branches or stems and use the handle to begin trimming.

Bud Trimming Safety

If you’re going to use bud trimmers after harvesting there are a few safety measures to take into account:

  • Use gloves and safety goggles at all times.
  • Do not place your hands on the grid or put any pressure on it.
  • Make sure that there are no plastic ties, rope or any other foreign objects attached to your plant that may get caught in the blades.

If you have any questions regarding trimming your buds or bud trimmers, get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of professionals and we’ll help you out.

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