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BAC Insecticides

BAC (Biological Activated Cocktail) is a company based out of Holland that started out in 2002 after opening their own hydroponics store. This renowned nutrient, stimulant and additive brand for plants also has a range of efficient products used to prevent and get rid of insects and fungal infestations, all of which are organic.

BAC Work Ethic

BAC has managed to specialize their products towards growers’ needs thanks to the professional seminars they’ve been holding for years, making their products incredibly easy to understand and use.

  • BAC is invested in quality and quantity, manufacturing organic stimulants, additives and preventive products.
  • BAC’s main objective is to offer products in accordance with growers’ needs.
  • They want to educate home-growers about the best and healthiest way to grow their cannabis plants.

Plant Vitality Plus by BAC

This is one of their best sellers, and highly recommended here at La Huerta Grow Shop; Plant Vitality Plus is incredibly efficient. This plant protector is entirely organic and can be used to reduce stress in your plants and protect them from mites such as red spider mites. It can be used in indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grows.

It acts by improving and strengthening your plants’ cell walls. Healthy, strong plants are much less likely to become infected by insects or fungus, which is why Plant Vitality Plus is ideal for avoiding possible issues in the future. It also comes into action when your plants are in stressful conditions or situations.

It contains macrolytic lactones, an organic compound used as an anti-parasitic in some types of pet medicine. It’s also useful as a light repellent for various types of insects, especially red spider mites.

Plant Vitality Plus by BAC can be sprayed on your plants as a preventive and combative measure, and it can also be used during the flowering period. You should spray both sides of the leaves and the upper part of the substrate, as it’s also capable of getting rid of red spider mite larvae and eggs. For the best results and an even spray, we recommend spraying from the lower leaves to the top when the light is low; before turning the lights off indoors and before the sun goes down outdoors.

Funky Fungi by BAC

Funky Fungi is a combination of different mycorrhizae fungus, which enter into a symbiotic relationship with your plants’ roots. This means that both elements benefit from the interaction; mycorrhizae increase the amount of available nutrients in your plants’ soil, and your plants feed them in return.

This product is an additive which contains four different type of mycorrhiza, which are in charge of increasing plant vitality and root growth, all in one. Plus, they also create a sort of protective layer around your plants’ roots, which protects them from soil pathogens and fungal infestations such as Pythium.

Mycorrhizae are considered a fundamental element of growing cannabis due to the fact that they can increase your plant in size, stimulate microbial substrate life and protect your plants’ roots from pathogens.

If you want to know more about these products and how to use them, you can check out our catalogue or get in touch with our team of experts for the best advice.

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