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Osmosis Filters

Osmosis filters

Water quality is generally not taken into consideration when growing cannabis and this is a grave mistake, many people think that tap water is the same everywhere and can be used with cannabis, however this is not true.

The difference between one type of water and another can reduce the quality and quantity of your harvest. If the water in your region isn’t good enough for your plants, you may be able to solve that issue using an osmosis filter.

What is an Osmosis Filter?

Osmosis systems filter water using pressure and they have three parts; a sediment filter, a carbon filter and an osmosis membrane.

  • The first pre-filter is for sediments, which is where any particles are suspended so they don’t perforate the osmosis membrane.
  • The second pre-filter is the carbon filter, which retains chlorine.
  • The third pre-filter is the osmosis membrane.

These three filters get rid of particles, chlorine and salts from tap water.

How do I Know if I Need an Osmosis Filter?

You can always check out your water company’s webpage; simply put your street into the finder and you should be able to find out the quality of your water. You can also check it using an EC meter.

When it comes to growing cannabis, water can be classified into:

  • Soft water: less than 0.3 mS EC
  • Normal water: between 0.4 and 0.6 mS EC
  • Hard water: between 0.6 and 0.9 mS EC
  • Bad water: over 0.9 mS EC

Anything over 0.6 mS is going to give you issues in the long run, and anything over 0.9 mS can’t be used. Keep in mind that if you’re following a mineral feeding schedule for your plants that indicates, for example, 1.5 EC, half of the max dosage is already being given to your plants in the water.

Indications made on feeding and watering schedules are designed to be used with normal water. If not, it should be indicated on the packaging or the instructions, such as with Tripart Micro by Terra Aquatica, which is available for both hard water and soft water.

Osmosis Filter Benefits for Cannabis

Osmosis filters have many different benefits:

  • They get rid if 95 – 99% of residual salts in tap water.
  • They filter out chlorine which negatively affects your cannabis plants and substrate microbial life.
  • The carbon filter in your osmosis system gets rid of heavy metals from the water.
  • With osmosis water your plants will be getting the added nutrients from fertilizers without any extra dissolved minerals from tap water.
  • You can grow high quality plants in regions where tap water makes it impossible.
  • Osmosis water rebuilt using calcium and magnesium is the best type of water for cannabis plants.

One of the downsides of osmosis water is that they end up losing quite a lot of water in the filtering process.

At La Huerta we recommend using methods that are sustainable, which is why you should use the leftover water from the filters for other chores such as cleaning your grow room, flowerpots etc. so as not to waste a drop of water.

What is Rebuilding Osmosis Water?

Osmosis water can’t be directly used on cannabis plants due to its extremely low mineral content.

In order to use it, you’ll need to rebuild it, which means adding calcium and magnesium until it’s at a normal EC level. Check out our catalogue to find products such as Calmag Agent by Canna, Calmag by Atami, Calmag by BioBizz, Calmag 2.0 by BAC, Camg Boost by Aptus or Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra by Advanced Nutrients. You’ll need to add a few ml and then measure your water’s EC until it’s at about 0.4 to 0.5 mS. In order to do this you’ll also need an EC meter.

La Huerta Grow Shop Osmosis Filters

At La Huerta you can find the best filters at the best prices.

We have two osmosis filters you can choose from, depending on your needs.

For homegrowers, we recommend using the Osmosis Wassertech filter, an affordable and efficient filter with a great quality/affordability ratio. The Osmosis Wassertech filter produces between 150 and 190 liters of water a day depending on the pressure from your tap.

If you have a large grow, we recommend using the Power Grow 500 Osmosis filter, which allows you to get about 20 litres of water an hour, up to 500 litres a day.

Plus, you can also find all types of spare and replacement parts for Wassertech models, such as the sediment filter, the carbon filter and the membranes, designed to replace the originals.

If you have any questions regarding osmosis filters and which to choose, all you have to do is get in touch with the team here at La Huerta Grow Shop and we’ll help you out!

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