Female Seeds

Female Seeds

Female Seeds is a Dutch seed bank whose main breeder is Ferry. They began to produce seeds for the market in 2003, however the founder had been selling seeds for many years before.

Towards the end of the 90s, this Dutch breeder (also an engineer) began to research and produce cannabis seeds. He didn’t stop until he had managed to grow stable, high quality hybrids that he was able to provide for affordable prices – this is the same method that Female Seeds uses nowadays.

Female Seeds Cannabis Strain Catalogue – What to Expect

This catalogue contains a wide range of feminized strains for indoor and outdoor growers, as well as feminized autoflowering strains.

Their feminized strains include BubbleGummer, which is an intensely flavoured plant that produces fruity and resinous buds which comes from an elite Bubblegum clone, and a potent, compact Lemon Kush, or the sweet, energetic sativa C99.

Plus, they also stock affordable feminized strains such as the brilliant ICE or the high-yielding Pure AK.

Female Seeds is also looking out for autoflowering growers, as they also offer feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds such as Auto Bubble, which has an intense sweet flavour and Auto Critical which is sturdy and easy to grow.

Female Seeds strains come in packs of 4 and 10 seeds.

Having issues finding the right strain for you? Check with our team and they’ll help you out.

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