Smoker’s Accessories

Smokers Accesories

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find the best accessories needed to smoke or vape your cannabis or concentrates, all laid out in different sections.

Smoking Papers

In our smoking paper section you can find some of the best brands:

  • Raw Smoking Papers are some of the most used papers due to the fact that they’re not whitened and do not contain any chemicals, using hemp in the process. These papers come in 1 ¼ and King Sized Slim, as well as Classic Black King Sized papers.
  • We also have the cleanest, purest papers on the market, Natur Paper made out of paper pulp, without any whitening agents or acids.
  • If you’re looking for pre-rolled cones ready to fill, try out Mountainhigh’s Bulk Cones, a Dutch manufacturer that’s one of the leading companies in natural rolling papers. Their cones are made using extra-fine eco-friendly hemp that isn’t whitened. You can also go for classic RAW Cones, which are also chemical-free.
  • If you’re a fan of blunts, you can try the Cyclones Herbies Mean Green Hemp Cones, pre-rolled hemp blunts that produce a natural, nicotine-free flavour; they also come with a Dank 7 Tip filter., You can also find pre-rolled cones designed for rolling King Palm blunts, handmade using cordia leaves, allowing for intense flavours with no nicotine.
  • We also stock King Blunts, available in 5 different flavours: passion fruit, grape, vanilla, watermelon and chocolate.


This section has all types of lighters for lighting your joints, bongs or dab rigs.

  • Clipper Lighters, an absolute classic. These lighters are durable and refillable and have natural flints. The original clipper design is key to their success; they’ve been around on the market since 1972, and since then they’ve had a removable wheel which allows you to compact your joint after rolling.
  • If you’re looking for a lighter designed to light your bong and pipe, we recommend the minitube clipper, as it’s longer and allows you to incline the flame without burning your fingers or damaging the lighter.
  • The Raw Clipper and Raw Minitube Clipper are great if you want to match with your favourite rolling papers.
  • In order to heat up your borosilicate or titanium nail, or the banger on your dab rig or BHO Bong, you can use our blow torch lighters available in various models: 9, 11, 14, and 19cm tall.
  • Extendible Lighter Holder, designed to keep your lighter on you and safe at all times. These lighter holders can hold all sizes; clippers, rectangular lighters, etc.

Filters or Roaches

In our filter and roach section you can find the best filters on the market, made using the best materials such as chemical-free paper, glass (borosilicate and Murano), wood etc.

  • If you prefer classic cardboard roaches, you can always go for RAW’s Cardboard roaches, made out of non-whitened cardboard without chemical, or their wide, perforated cardboard roaches made out of soft cardboard, no chlorine. We also have pre-rolled RAW roaches that come in boxes of  21 and bags of 200.
  • Many cosumers actually prefer glass roaches; it’s a much cleaner material, it doesn’t burn and it provides better flavours. If you prefer glass filters, we recommend RAW’s Glass Tip, which is easily cleaned using alcohol and a cloth, ready to use.  If you want to add a hint of colour to your joints, you can try out our Yelllow Finger Murano glass tips, which are also super easy to clean.
  • Yellow Finger wooden filters can also be reused a few times and are quite durable. On the other hand, they can’t be cleaned as well as the glass ones, and you should probably replace them after a couple of uses. Available in two sizes: 15 mm and 25 mm, as well as 10 unit boxes.
  • Jano filters are reusable filters for smoking cannabis, made out of PLA, a biodegradable, organic polymer. Available in 12 different designs, in different colours.
  • Jilter and Actitube filters are the best filters for reducing damages done when smoking.


In our Ashtray section you can find some of the best models on the market, such as the Round Metal Pink Weed Ashtray, which has a beautiful white cannabis leaf design on a pink background, or the DAB-ALL-DAY ashtray, with a cannabis bud smoking extract.

More Smoker’s Accessories

We recommend checking out this section if you’re looking for some of the most ingenious cannabis smoking accessories, such as:

  • Silicone Joint Ring, designed for holding console controllers while keeping the joint aloft, ready to smoke.
  • Other accessories such as joint stashes so you can carry your joint without flattening it or put away a half joint without having it stink.
  • The OCB Tube Roller allows you to easily fill your tubes, rolling joints that look just like tobacco cigarettes.
  • Flints for lighters designed to replace broken ones.

At La Huerta we have plenty of experts ready to help if you have any questions regarding our smoker’s accessories.

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