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What are Solid Cannabis Fertilizers?

Cannabis fertilizers can be divided into either liquid or solid formats. In this section we’re going to have a look at solid fertilizers, which can also be divided into various types. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Different Types of Solid Fertilizers

Within solid fertilizers, there are two different types:

  • Complete solid fertilizers: they contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK), as well as micro-nutrients.
  • Solid fertilizers used as additives or substrate enrichers: these don’t contain full nutrients, for example bone meal, guano, and worm hummus.

Complete solid fertilizers allow you to grow in flower pots both indoors and outdoors. Substrate enrichers and supplements are perfect for mixing into the ground when growing in fields, gardens or greenhouses.

Are Solid Fertilizers Bio or Mineral?

Solid nutrients don’t necessarily have to be bio or mineral. There are complete organic and mineral fertilizers, the state of the actual fertilizer doesn’t determine the origins.

Benefits of Using Solid Fertilizers

  • Easier to use. Some are used during transplants in soil so that you don’t have to fertilize again afterwards, simply water. Others are dissolved in water.
  • Ideal for working the ground outdoors. Although it can also be used in flowerpots indoors and outdoors.
  • Can be stored for longer.
  • Cheaper than liquid products.

What are The Best Solid Fertilizers for Growing Cannabis

Our catalogue has a wide range of solid fertilizers by the best brands at the best prices.

Powder Feeding

This is a solid fertilizer range by the Dutch seed bank Green House Seeds has bio and mineral solid fertilizing ranges:

Bio: for mixing with substrates.

Powder Feeding’s bio products are OMRI and Union certified for organic agricultural use. Their solid bio fertilizers can be used to feed plants over a period of 8 weeks.

In order to use these products with plants that take over 8 weeks to grow or flower, you’ll need to add an extra 1 – 2g per litre of substrate and water.

This organic solid fertilizer range contains:

  • Biogrow: base growth fertilizer
  • Biobloom: base bloom fertilizer.
  • Bioenhancer; additive that contains humic and fulvic acids, algae extract and amino acids, as well as plant hormones that increase nutrient absorption, while also acting as an anti-stress component and soil conditioner.

Mineral: mixed with water.

Powder Feeding’s mineral nutrient range must be used when watering. It has a base growth fertilizer, a flowering stimulant and a base flowering fertilizer. The flowering fertilizer can be used with short-flowering plants as well as longer-flowering strains.

This solid mineral fertilizer range contains:

  • Grow: growth fertilizer also used for mother plants.
  • Booster: phosphorus and potassium supplement with magnesium and oligo-elements.
  • Short Flowering: complete base fertilizer used in strains that take up to 8 weeks to flower.
  • Long flowering: complete base fertilizer for using in strains that take over 10 weeks to flower
  • Hybrids: complete base fertilizer for plants that take 8 – 9 – 10 weeks to flower.

Bio Tabs

Bio Tabs manufactures slow-releasing organic plant tablets designed to be used during the entire life cycle. These tablets are placed in the substrate and all you have to do is water. Bio Tabs also has a range of additives and stimulants.

  • Bactrex: microbial additive with Trichoderma.
  • Mycotex: micorriza, beneficial bacteria, algae and humic acids.
  • Orgatrex: micronutrients, molasses, and NPK.
  • Stratrex: soil conditioner and organic fertilizer.
  • Bio PK 5-8: organic NPK (2 – 5 – 8) for the flowering period.


Biotablets by BAC are organic, solid nutrients that come in tablets that are designed to be buried in soil. They’re perfect for using during both growth and flowering indoors and outdoors. We highly recommend using Biotablets alongside Funki Fungi, which is an mycorrhizae additive, and BAC’s flowering stimulants.

La Huerta Grow Shop also has substrate enrichers and supplements such as:

  • Top Vulcan by Top Crop: volcanic ashes and micro-elements.
  • Superguano by Top Crop: bat guano with high phosphorus levels.
  • Nitroguano by Top Crop: bat guano with high nitrogen content.
  • Mega Worm by Plagron: worm hummus that stimulates root growth and accelerates growth. Mega Worm can easily correct brusque pH changes in nutrient solutions.

If you’re having any doubts when it comes to choosing the right solid fertilizer, our Huerta Grow Shop experts are more than happy to help.

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