Positronics Seeds

Positronics Seeds

Positronics Seeds is a Dutch seed bank that currently resides in Spain. They were one of the first seed banks to begin breeding and selling feminized cannabis seeds. Their founder, the geneticist Wernard Bruning, was the founder of the first Coffee Shop in the world, Mellow Yellow, in 1973. Back in the 70’s this Dutch visionary travelled to the United States where it met some of the best strain breeders of the time and where he began to research and breed cannabis strains.

After years of hard work, Positronics Seeds was founded in 1985 and ended up becoming one of the best cannabis seed banks. In 1996, due to a disagreement among the partners, the bank was closed and Wernard Bruining brought his original strains to Spain and brought the project back to life.

What Types of Seeds do Positronics Stock?

They have a wide range of seeds to choose from, including varied feminized strains and autoflowering strains that they call “Express”, strains rich in CBD and more.

Some of Positronics’ most popular feminized strains in the world of cannabis are Blue Rhino, which produces a potent sedative effect; Critical 47 which has an intense aroma, and Purple Haze, a classic in the world of cannabis.

In their express section (autoflowering) you’ll be able to find autoflowering strains for all needs, such as Jack Diesel Express, which has an intense sweet mandarine aromas, and Super Cheese Express, among others.

They also have a couple of feminized strains that they created in collaboration with artists Gordo Master and Little Pepe, which are called Gordo Master Kush and One Love Haze.

Positronics Seeds also caters to medicinal cannabis consumers, stocking various strains high in CBD (cannabidiol), such as CBD + BLACK Widow, which has dense and resinous buds.

For those that can’t quite make up their mind or want to vary their dispensary a bit, Positronics has three different seed mixes; Sativa Collection and Indica collection (in feminized format) and Express Collection (a combination of different feminized autoflowering strains).

Positronics seeds come in packs of 1, 2, 5 and 10 apart from the collector’s packs, which contain 6 seeds; 2 of each of the 3 strains separately packaged, tagged and stored in a cooled container.

Having trouble picking a seed? Our team of professionals can help you to find the one that best matches your needs.

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