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King Palm is a US company located in California, dedicated to the manufacturing of natural pre-rolled blunts using cordia leaves and corn husks, 100% organic.  This product is created in a sustainable manner without the need to cut down trees.

King Palm Inspiration

Way before rolling papers, bongs or vaporizers were around, natural leaves were used to roll cigarettes. The first definitive origins we can find are a stone carving of the Mayan civilization during the 10th century. 500 years after Columbus reaches Abya Yala, the content later called America, the inhabitants were already using palm leaves to roll cigarettes.

This traditional smoking method was King Palm’s inspiration in regards to finding a natural alternative to tobacco blunts and smoking papers.

King Palm 100% Natural Pre-Rolled Blunts

The cone manufacturer King Palm started out in the city of Ontario, San Bernardino, in the year 2016. After years of optimizing designs and guaranteeing high quality control, King Palm released their pre-rolled, natural, hand made cones. Each blunt is an attempt to replicate the traditional smoking leaves using in the original American settlements.

Their products rapidly gained popularity over social media; on Instagram they have over 300,000 followers, as well as a large amount of consumers, including celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Joe Rogan, and Swae Lee, who have given them an even bigger push.

Their pre-rolled cones are currently distributed in Europe, Israel, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Why Choose King Palm?

Ever since they started out, King Palm has based their work philosophy on two premisses: creating a healthy product and respecting the environment.

  • In times when everyone is looking to become closer with nature, you can count on King Palm when it comes to consuming your favourite plant. The materials in their cones are natural and biodegradable. King Palm’s objective is to offer the best natural leaves in order to provide the best experience.
  • King Palm puts a lot of effort into creating natural and sustainable smoking accessories that benefit both the consumer and the planet. Their products are handmade, guaranteeing that not trees are cut down in order to make these cones, as the leaves used for them grow back quite fast on trees.

King Palm: Blunts for Enjoying your Buds

King Palm’s characteristics make for a great experience, a pleasant high that’s super flavourful.

Their cones are made using cordia leaves, creating a smooth and slow burn that allows you to enjoy the flavour of your cannabis to its fullest. King Palm does not contain any tobacco, chemical whiteners, glue etc. Only natural products.

Plants used for blunts are usually grown in southeast Asia. The leaves are individually chosen, picking the best ones while damaging the plant as little as possible. They’re then washed in purified water, and they’re hand-rolled, making the perfect blunt.

Each cone has a corn husk filter that cools smoke down and allows for a soft and constant airflow, stopping any bits of cannabis from getting through to your mouth.

Filling up King Palm cones is quite easy, all you have to do is place your ground up cannabis inside. These cones come with wooden sticks used to pack your cannabis. The more packed it is, the better, although don’t go overboard. We recommend holy half grinding your cannabis.

King Palm Blunts at La Huerta Grow Shop – Best Prices

Check our catalogue to see our King Palm Slim pre-rolled cones, which can hold up to 1.25g.

They’re sold in sealed plastic bags which contain two cones; these bags have a Ziploc which allows you to reuse them or for storing your rolled joints.

If you have any questions regarding King Palm cones, get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop and our team will do their best to help you out.

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