Grow Light Reflectors

Correctly lighting your cannabis plants is incredibly important when it comes to increasing the quality and quantity of your harvest. Cannabis plants need large amounts of light, whether it’s solar or artificial, in order to grow and flower.

Why Are Reflectors Important in Indoor Grows

In our Grow Light section we talk about the importance of choosing the right type of lighting for your indoor grow – in this section we’re going to talk about the importance of light distribution. Just like having a high quality grow light is super important, so is having a decent reflector for properly distributing light throughout your grow room or grow tent.

Any type of grow light, whether it’s a high pressure sodium light or a fluorescent light, is going to work much better when helped by a good reflector. Reflectors are in charge of efficiently and equally distributing light over your plants.

Obviously it’s hard to evenly balance light over your plants – some plants, especially the ones in the middle, are going to receive more and higher quality light, but you’ll need to try and make sure that the difference is as low as possible.

For the best results, there are two factors to keep in mind:

  • On one hand, you’ll need to know the best way to distribute your plants. You’ll need to keep a close eye on how they’re placed and make sure that no plants are being shaded by any others. Regardless of how stable any one strain is, there are always going to be differences between the different plants. You’ll need to make sure to move your plants whenever necessary in order to make the most out of the light you’re using.
  • Using a high quality reflector – these are used to distribute light evenly around your grow room or grow tent and helps them to receive the perfect amount of light.

What Types of Reflectors Are There

There are different types of reflectors that come in different finishes. The most common reflectors are open reflectors, as they do an amazing job at distributing light throughout the grow room. However, if you live somewhere with high temperatures and you grow cannabis indoors, you’re probably better off by using a closed reflector.

Open Reflectors for Indoor Grows

This type of reflector is best at optimizing light distribution and intensity in your indoor cannabis grow. At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find all types of open reflectors; from basic, hammertone reflectors to highly professional reflectors such as the Azerwing Medium 86% reflector, as well as reflectors for maximum yields such as the Azerwing Large 95% reflector which allows you to attach two grow lights to the one reflector.

Closed Reflectors for Indoor Grows with Heat Issues

This type of reflector is ideal for those that tend to have issues with controlling temperatures indoors. If you live in an area with a hot climate you might be interested in these reflectors. We also have various types of closed reflectors that are perfect for reducing your grow’s temperature by a few degrees such as the Cooltube reflector, or the professional Xtracool reflector.

If you’re looking for everything needed to light up your grow room and save money, we recommend checking out our complete grow light kit section.

If you have any questions when it comes to choosing your reflector or your preferred type of lighting, make sure to get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of professionals.

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