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World Of Seeds

The Spanish seed bank World of Seeds was founded in Valencia in 2004. The bank’s launch came about after a group of breeders spent years researching and looking for strains. Their objective was to find high quality cannabis strains, allowing them to create potent hybrids. The results were definitely worth it.

World of Seeds has quite a wide range of feminized, autoflowering and regular cannabis seeds. Within this wide range of possibilities that World of Seeds has on offer, there are a few different groups.

World of Seeds Autoflowering Plants

World of Seeds’ selection of autoflowering plants is designed to fit the needs of any grower, with indica, sativa and hybrid strains, all of which are incredibly potent. Let’s have a look at a few examples.

Sugar Mango Ryder is a strain created using Santa Maria, a Brazilian strain, and a Ruderalis. It produces an intense mango aroma and a heavily fruity flavour, accompanied by a soft, physically relaxing effect. On the other hand, Wild Thailand Ryder is a pure sativa that produces an intense effect, especially for an autoflowering plant, resulting in a euphoric sensation typical in sativa strains.

They also have autoflowering versions of some classic strains and old school strains such as Amnesia Auto, which has a characteristic incense aroma and a citric, fruity flavour. Its effect is energetic and strong thanks to its sativa dominance. Northern Light x Big Bud Auto has more of an indica effect; physically relaxing and long-lasting. It produces sweet, fruity flavours with hints of pineapple.

World of Seeds Legend Collection

World of Seeds’ Legend Collection is a collection of legendary strains that have made cannabis history, whether it’s for their aroma, effect, or even appearance. This selection includes certain strains, such as:

Mazar Kush, an indica strain from Afghanistan that produces incredibly relaxing, potent effects, as well as a super sweet characteristic hash flavour. It’s easy to grow and ideal for those that require discretion when growing cannabis thanks to the fact that it stays short. Skunk 47 is another strain in their Legend Collection; it’s a cross between two renowned strains, Skunk and Ak 47, resulting in sweet flavours with hints of Skunk and an effect which starts off euphoric, becoming more relaxing as time goes on, while staying intense.

Yumbolt 47 is a physically potent indica strain that’s been crossed with Yumbolt in order to produce incensed aromas combined with sweet flavours. It produces the ideal effect for those looking for intense relaxation or help sleeping.

Check out Work of Seeds’ catalogue if you want to discover even more legends.

World of Seeds’ Medical Collection

World of Seeds medical collection is designed for those that want to experience the most therapeutic effects cannabis has to offer. This selection contains incredibly potent strains designed to treat intense pain or issues such as insomnia.

Northern Light x Skunk: a hybrid designed to produce potent therapeutic effects similar to Northern Lights, alongside the strength of Skunk plants.

Mazar x White Rhino: White Rhino has some incredibly potent medicinal benefits, combined with an Afghan strain to add even more potency to the effect.

Afghan Kush x Black Domina: is one of the best plants for treating issues such as insomnia due to its narcotic, therapeutic effect. Plus, it also produces an intense Afghan flavour and flowers covered in a thick layer of resin.

World of Seeds Pure Origin Collection

World of Seeds’ Pure Origin collection includes many different types of landrace and pure cannabis strains form all over the world such as Ketama, a super sturdy and strong plant that comes from the north of Morocco; Afghan Kush, a compact and resinous plant from the north of Afghanistan, or the potent sativa Colombian Gold.

They also work with one of the few strains on the market considered to be pure sativa; South African Kwazulu, which produces an intensely stimulating mental effect.

World of Seeds Regular Seeds

If you’re up to growing regular cannabis seeds in order to make your very own hybrid, World of Seeds has quite a wide range of potent, renowned regular seeds.

For example, Pakistán Valley Regular is a strain that combines Hindu Kush flavours, and also has quite a high CBD percentage or Brazil Amazonia Regular, which is also included in their Pure Origin collection, with its potent, recreational effect. Ketama, from their legend collection, is also available in regular format, alongside many other strains.

World of Seeds Early Harvest Collection

World of Seeds knows that sometimes, growers need to harvest fast, yet potent yields, and not all growers prefer to opt for autoflowering strains. That’s why World of Seeds has created this collection, called Early Harvest; fast-flowering photoperiodic feminized plants. They’ve managed to achieve this by crossing 4th generation autoflowering strains with photoperiodic strains until the results are photoperiodic, with a fast flowering period.

Some examples of these strains are Strawberry Blue Early Harvest, a sativa-dominant plant that takes just 45 days to flower, producing potent and euphoric effects, or Afghan Kush Early Harvest, a pure indica that takes just 45 days to flower, producing intense relaxing effects.

World of Seeds Special Collection

We should also mention that World of Seeds has various different seed packs for those that prefer to have a bit of variety in their grow rooms or gardens rather than growing the same strain.

If you prefer to grow autoflowering strains, you can check out their Autoflowering Collection, which contains four of their best-selling autoflowering strains. On the other hand, if you’re looking for potent indica effects and flavours that indica strains are known for, the Pure Origin Indica collection is the way to go.

If you have any questions regarding choosing a strain from among World of Seeds’ amazing collection, don’t worry; get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of experts and we’ll help you find the perfect strain!

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