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Paraphernalia Packs


Paraphernalia Packs

In this section you can find some of the best paraphernalia at the lowest prices. The items in each of these packs have been chosen from the most efficient and necessary tools so that you have complete access to everything you need. These packs have different themes, evident in the name of each pack.

Paraphernalia Packs at La Huerta Grow Shop

We stock various paraphernalia packs here in our store:

RAW Survivor Pack

This pack contains many products by the renowned rolling paper brand, ideal for going out partying as well as for keeping your accessories at home. The Survivor Pack contains a metallic RAW box that’s 11.5 x 7 x 2.5cm, decorated in the brand’s image; this box is ideal for storing your buds and necessary accessories for rolling your joints. It also contains a RAW 3m paper roll, RAW King Size Connoisseur + Tips and glass RAW tips, as well as RAW Hemp Wicks designed to light your joints without using gas.

No Rolling Today Paraphernalia Pack

If you’re looking for a RAW pack with a rolling tray and pre-rolled cones for when you don’t feel like doing cannabis origami, check out the No Rolling Today pack. This is the perfect pack for those that want to enjoy a good smoke with the least effort possible. It contains a RAW Rolling Tray, a box of 32 pre-rolled RAW King Sized cones, a RAW Loader which allows you to fill cones easily and swiftly, a joint saver so you can store your cone when leaving the house, four RAW lighters and a pack of 5 La Huerta Grow Shop stickers.

Party King Paraphernalia Pack

If you want to become the life of the party and be ready for every cannabis event, the Party King Paraphernaia Pack is ideal. This party pack contains: a RAW Zombie rolling tray 34 x 27.5cm in size, which has an image of a zombie coming out of its grave with a pack of RAW papers in the hand, a giant RAW paper booklet which contains 20 28 x 4.4cm, and a pre-rolled Giga cone which can hold up to 5.12g flowers or up to 10 cigarettes.

This pack also includes some of the best hemp blunts, such as King Blunts, which come in packs of 5 with flavours such as watermelon and grape, as well as mango-flavoured, Blue Black and Berry Juicy Blunts. It also comes with Raw King size smoking papers, 1 ¼ Raw cones, 21 Pre-Rolled Raw Tips, Perforated RAW Filters, and 25 Jano Filters made out of PLA.

In order to carry your extracts, this pack comes with a silicone BHO Qnubu box, as well as a joint-saver. In addition, it contains a plastic tri-colour grinder and a pack of 5 La Huerta Grow Shop stickers – the most complete pack around!

Dab Galaxy Paraphernalia Pack

If you enjoy cannabis concentrates, you should check out our Dab Galaxy paraphernalia pack, which contains a Pineapple Express rolling tray, a Qnubu Silicone container that’s 8 x 11cm in size, and 2 silicone Qnubu BHO containers. Additionally, this pack also contains a 12cm Dabber pen, made out of borosilicate glass, a 6cm dabber that you can hang around your neck or on a keychain, and a 5 pack of La Huerta Grow Shop stickers.

Blunt Lovers Pack

Smoking blunts was popularized in the US and was rapidly accepted around the entire world. If you prefer smoking blunts, check out the Blunt Lovers pack, a pack which combines some of the best flavours of the best brands, all tobacco-free and made of hemp.

This pack contains a medium-sized RAW tray so that you can comfortably roll your joints, a tri-colour plastic grinder, Juicy Blunts in different flavours (Natural Hemp, Blue, Tropical and Mango Papaya. It also contains a 5-leaf King Blunt pack which has the following flavours; chocolate, pomegranate, Vanilla, Watermelon and Grape. In case this isn’t enough, this pack also contains White Chocolate Cyclones which taste like delicious white chocolate; a Qnubu Silicone BHO container, Lion Rolling Circus cardboard filters and 5 La Huerta Grow Shop stickers.

Mario Games Pack

If you’re a gamer, the Mario Games pack is designed just for you; enjoy smoking your joints while laying your favourite games. This pack contains a Mario & Luigi rolling tray, a 18 x 14cm rolling tray which comes with the two iconic Nintendo characters, a box of 120 Lion Rolling Circus filters, 1 ¼ and King Size Lion Rolling Circus papers, a camouflaged stash zip-lock bag for storing your flowers and extracts, as well as a silicone ring for holding your joints and a 5-pack of La Huerta Grow Shop stickers.

If you have any questions regarding the products contained in these paraphernalia packs, get in touch with our professionals and we’ll do the best to help you out.

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