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Around 70 – 80% of cannabis plants are made up of water, therefore this element is quite important when it comes to growing successful, healthy and high yielding plants. If you don’t water correctly you may end up creating serious issues in your grow room. Let’s have a look at how to water and what tools you can use when watering your cannabis plants.

Why do cannabis plants need water?

Water is absolutely necessary for adding and transporting nutrients in your plants, as it dissolves them and takes them to where your plants need them most.

High Quality Water for Cannabis Plants

Water quality is absolutely necessary when it comes to growing cannabis. Tap water may be drinkable, although it’s treated with chlorine which can negatively affect your plants and the microbial life in your substrate. We recommend letting tap water sit for a day in order to evaporate most of the chlorine from it. The biggest downside to tap water is its high mineral content; you can measure this using an EC meter, and your water provider should also be able to give you information regarding water quality, so you can check out their page and see if they have a detailed analyses of the water in your city.

Depending on its mineral content, water can be classified by:

  • Soft water: water which contains less than 0.3 mS, for example osmosis water. Soft water should be rebuilt using calcium and magnesium until it’s 0.4 – 0.5 mS.
  • Normal water: this water is usually between 0.4 and 0.6 mS. If your tap water comes out at this level, you can use it to water your plants as long as you let it sit for a day to evaporate chlorine.
  • Hard water: this sits between 0.6 and 0.9 mS. This type of water can only be used by adding some osmosis or distilled water, or even AC water. Hard water can produce long-term issues in cannabis plants which you can alleviate using enzymes.
  • Unusable water: when EC levels are over 0.9 mS, you’ll need to put your water through an osmosis filter before you can even think about using it.

We recommend checking out our osmosis filter section, where you can filter filters and replacement parts for anything you need, for example the Wassertech Osmosis filter, which allows you to filter between 150 and 190L a day, depending on your water pressure; enough to provide for a home grow.

If you have a large grow room we recommend using the Power Grow 500 by GrowMax Water, which produces up to 500L osmosis water per day, around 20L an hour. Keep in mind that osmosis filters only have a return of half of the water, so you should use the rest for cleaning tools, flowerpots etc; you’ll be helping the environment by making use of the water.

How to Water Cannabis Plants Correctly

In order for your plants to progress properly, you’ll need to pay attention to how you water; it should be done slowly, easing the water into the substrate. If you pour it all in at once, it will go straight down the substrate to the bottom; the leftover water will look like you’ve done a good job but the substrate won’t have been moistened evenly. Water slowly without it going over the edge and wait until it drains out the bottom. In our watering can and sprayer section you can find everything you need to water your plants.

The best option for watering outdoor or indoor plants is by using a watering kit with a 70L tank, a 4000L/h water pump, a watering wand etc. This kit allows you to mix nutrients in your tank and then easily water your plants using the watering wand. We also have sprayers available in 1, 2 and 5L, as well as the professional Aquaking Fogger.

How to Automatically Water your Cannabis Plants

If you want to save time and make your grow even more efficient, the best way to do so is to set up an automatic watering system. In our watering system section you can find timers, drippers, watering programmers and everything you need to set up your own system. This system allows you to make the most of your water, and also save on nutrients while avoiding any water-related stress.

Larger Yields, Hydroponic Grows

Hydroponic growing allows plants to develop much larger roots thanks to their ideal moisture/oxygen ratio, and having more space to grow without any type of resistance. These benefits essentially mean that your plants grow faster, and flower more intensely. Hydroponic grows definitely produce the most yield in the least amount of time and also avoids having to haul around bags of soil.

In la Huerta Grow Shop’s catalogue you can find the best hydroponic systems at the lowest prices. Check out our Hydroponic Growing section and you’ll find everything you need to set up your own system, as well as high quality hydroponic systems. In order to root clones we recommend systems such as the 27-clone Cutting Board, or Rainforest which holds up to 72 clones. They’re definitely the best way to prepare your clones for a Sea of Green set up. Aeroflo is also another amazing hydroponic system that allows you to grow between 14 and 20 adult plants, depending on the model.

Check out our Air Pump section if you need a new or additional air pump for your hydroponic plants; the best pumps and the best prices.

Remember, La Huerta Grow Shop has a team of experts on hand who are happy to help you have any questions regarding watering your plants.

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