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Jilter AG, previously Jurop Corp, is a company based in Uetendorf, Switzerland, dedicated to making Jilter filters and accessories for smoking.

Ever since they started out in 2002, they’ve been fighting to bring awareness to the dangers of smoking without a filter. This brand has always put extreme effort into harm reduction when consuming tobacco and cannabis, and their philosophy states that the best way to do this is to use high quality products ready for a comfortable high without losing any flavours or effects.

As of now, Jilter AG has offices in Switzerland, the US and Austria, as well as a storage location in Germany where they distribute most of their products around the world.

What are Jilter Filters?

Jilter Filters are cellulose and paper fibre filters that reduce nicotine in tobacco and tar from cigarettes. Additionally, they also stop any bits of tobacco or cannabis from getting though while also keeping your teeth cleaner and shinier.

A much softer and cleaner experience, with much more flavour. Plus, only around 1% of the active substances in your cannabis are lost when using these filters.

How to Use Jilter Filters

Jilter Filters are 12.5 x 6 mm in size. They have two sides, one with the cellulose filter and the other with a sort of paper inlet so you can place your cardboard tip in there.

Once your cigarette is rolled, the filter stays inside and the carboard part should be at the end. It’s comfortable to use and highly efficient.

Jilter Filters at La Huerta Grow Shop

Jilter Filters are available in 42 unit boxes, as well as a more eco-friendly 1000 unit bag.

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find the best cardboard tips for using with your Jilter filters, such as RAW cardboard tips and RAW Wide Perforated tips, both made using chlorine, chemical and whitening-free cardboard.

If you have any questions about our Jilter Filters or how to use them, get in touch with our experts here at La Huerta.

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