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CBD E-Liquids


CBD E-Liquids

CBD Eliquids

Some of the most sought-after e-liquids are those which contain CBD. The reasons they’re so successful are:

  • They don’t contain THC, which makes them ideal.
  • They don’t contain nicotine, which makes them less toxic.
  • Plus, they also contain all of the possible health benefits of CBD.

You can use the e-liquids in our catalogue in any e-liquid vaporiezer, such as the E-Liquid ELeaf iJust Fog Vaporizer kit, Smok Rolo Badge or the Swag Vaporesso kit. E-liquids in this section contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, terpenes and CBD.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the over 110 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Depending on the strain, it can be found in different proportions. It interacts with our 5HT1A receptors, having almost no effect on CB1 receptors, which means it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects.

Various scientific investigations point towards CBD possessing multiple beneficial properties for your body:

  • It helps to relieve muscle pain.
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory device on muscles and articulations.
  • It has antioxidant properties useful for skin care.

For those that consume cannabis recreationally, CBD provides many more possibilities For example, CBD is capable of modifying the effects produced by THC. This is why comes consumers use it to reduce psychoactive effects produced by cannabis and side effects such as cotton mouth, heart racing or paranoia.

Are E-Liquids the Best Way to Consume CBD?

According to a study done by Public Health England, vaporizing is around 95% less damaging than smoking. When you vape, you’re avoiding all of the toxins that combustion creates. Plus, vaporizing also allows you to make the most of the entourage effect produced by cannabinoids and terpenes alongside eachother. When it comes to CBD, it interacts with the terpenes in your flowers or e-liquid which can increase its potential medicinal benefits. This combination is much more effective than when CBD is used on its own.

CBD in e-liquids is extracted from industrial hemp strains which have a THC content lower than 0.2%. Hemp is legal to grow and grown in an eco-friendly manner; no synthetic pesticides.

What are the Best Cannabis Flavoured E-Liquids?

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can get your hands on high quality CBD e-liquids. The e-liquids found in our catalogue have a CBD concentration of 30mg, 100mg and 200mg per 10ml of e-liquids.

Cali Terpenes

The terpene manufacturer Cali Terpenes presents their range of CBD e-liquids which contains multiple strains that you can choose from, ideal for producing synergic CBD and terpene effects that adapt to your needs.

Cali Terpenes has developed their CBD e-liquids alongside Dr Mariano Garcia de Palau. Their e-liquids are 100% THC, Nicotine and GMO free, with a PG/GV 90/10 ratio, making it one of the healthiest on the market. Cali Terpenes e-liquids come in 30mg and 100mg per 10ml concentrations. Some of Cali Terpenes’ most popular CBD e-liquids are:


With bases in Paris, Barcelona, London and Lima, Harmony manufactures high quality e-liquids. Their products contain 30 and 100mg CBD per 10 ml. Some of the strains you can find in their catalogue imitate some of the most commercial cannabis strains such as Super Lemon OG Haze, OG Kush, Mango Kush, as well as some of their own creations such as Strawberry Hemp and Moroccan Mint.


The Dutch manufacturer Enecta is specialized in making CBD and Terpene extracts. We stock their Ambrosia range in our catalogue, which contains three main flavours, Peach, Tobacco and Natural Cannabis.

They also have CBD bases designed for prepping your own e-liquids, alongside some of the most popular 45 terpene profiles available.

If you have any questions regarding which e-liquid you should choose, how to prep them or how to use them, at La Huerta Grow Shop you’ll find staff willing to give you a hand,

Our catalogue contains CBD e-liquids which are legal within Spanish territory, which is why we only ship within said area.

In 2017, the WHO confirmed that CBD isn’t an addictive substance and doesn’t damage your health, and it may also have beneficial properties. Later, in January of 2020, the world anti-doping agency retired CBD from their list of world-wide banned substances.

All information regarding CBD properties here is obtained from scientific studies. Remember, if you are having any medical issues always consult with a medical professional, these products do not substitute medical treatment.

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