Indoor Growing

Indoor Growing

Indoor Growing has absolutely revolutionized the world of homegrowing, allowing cannabis growers that live in colder climates with short summers, or simply in the city, to grow their own precious cannabis buds without much hassle.

If this happens to be your case and for whatever reason you can’t grow outdoors or you simply want to grow your own quality cannabis year-round, get an indoor grow set up. Before that, let’s have a look at the characteristics of indoor growing.

What is an Indoor Grow?

An indoor grow is essentially a place where you recreate the necessary conditions for cannabis plants to grow and bloom; light, humidity, temperature etc. Put plainly, growing indoors is like “playing god” with cannabis plants.

This may sound complicated but it’s really easy to put into practice if you have the right material – it not only allows you to grow at home, but it also allows you to produce super high quality cannabis. Why? Simple – because you can control the environment in which they grow, which allows you to give them the perfect parameters giving them the ideal conditions.

What advantages does indoor growing have?

When it comes to indoor growing, there are a few advantages regarding growing cannabis outdoors, especially for:

  • Growers in cold countries or regions: if you live in a cold area with short summers, growing cannabis outdoors might be difficult. Unless you decide to go for autoflowering strains, rain and bad weather may ruin your plants and attract insects or fungi.
  • Urban growers: not everybody has a garden in which they can grow cannabis seeds. For those that live in the city and don’t have any outdoor space, indoor growing is often a good option.
  • Growers that want to grow all year long: if you don’t want to stop growing out of season, indoor growing is a great option as you can keep it going all year long.

Indoor growing also has the following advantages:

  • More control over growing conditions: when growing outdoors you’re at the whim of nature, but when growing indoors you have absolute control over all of the factors that can affect your plants – no need to worry about unwanted rain, ice or heat waves.
  • Discretion: if you want to be completely discreet, indoor grows that are well done can get rid of any suspicious neighbours. Keep in mind that if not set up properly, your grow may produce noise and odours although you can get all sorts of equipment to stop that from happening.
  • High quality yields: as we were saying earlier, you can control all of the conditions in an indoor grow so you can give your plants the ideal growing and bloom conditions; this is reflected in the quality of your final product.

What’s in Our Indoor Growing Section?

In this section you’ll find a wide array of grow tents designed to allow you to easily, cleanly and safely start your own indoor grow. Plus, we also have all of the necessary lighting, from HPS and low-energy bulbs to new LED and LEC systems, as well as a wide range of lighting accessories and grow tents in all sizes.

In order to create the ideal climate for your plants we also stock ventilation and extraction fan systems, as well as anti-odour systems that help you keep any aromas away from neighbours or other people. We also have a wide range of noise-cancellation systems so that you can have a silent grow, as well as CO2 generators.

If you want to start off with everything you need ready to go and you’re on a budget, check out our full growing kit and lighting kit sections, where you can find everything you’re going to need to start your grow off on the right foot.

Ever since La Huerta Grow Shop began, we have been invested in helping our customers to grow their own high quality cannabis. At La Huerta Grow Shop we are growing professionals, so if you have any questions ask our team for free advice!

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