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Filters or Roaches


Filters or Roaches

Filters or roaches

Filters or roaches designed for smoking cannabis have been used for decades now; there’s cardboard, there’s wood, glass, ceramic and other materials.

What’s the Best Filter for Smoking Cannabis?

There are currently many different types of filters on the market apart from the classic cardboard roach. They stop bits of cannabis or tobacco getting through when you smoke, and they also refresh every drag and make smoking much nicer. Plus, there are certain roaches and tips designed to filter toxic substances.

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find a wide range of filters made using different materials, designed to adapt to all of your needs. Depending on the materials that they’re made out of and their main function, these filters can be grouped into:

Cardboard Roaches

These filters are the most common; before cardboard filters became a thing, people used to use old bus ot train tickets. Cardboard roaches were quite a step forward in as far as hygiene; they don’t have any ink on them and they’re also much comfier to use. We stock many different types of natural cardboard filters that haven’t been chemically treated, such as:

  • RAW Cardboard Tips: these tips come in 50 unit packs and they’re 60 x 15mm. No chlorine nor chemicals; if you like thick roaches, RAW roaches are the best way to go.
  • Wide RAW Holed Cardboard Tips: these roaches are made using chlorine-free soft cardboard, and they’re 58x25mm in size. They have a mark which allows you to bend them comfortably, and they come in booklets of 50 units.

If you don’t want to have to roll your roaches and you’re looking for perfectly shaped tips, we highly recommend using Pre-Rolled Raw filters. These filters come ready to use, and they’re made using an original Fourdrinier machine which allows for a soft, sturdy texture. They can be acquired in boxes of 21 or bags of 200 roaches.

Plus, we also have rolling paper booklets that come with roaches such as RAW Artisanal 1 ¼ and King Size, in which the booklet itself becomes a small rolling tray, or La Huerta’s 20th Anniversary Booklets and Eva Seeds’ 15th Anniversary papers.

Wooden Roaches

Wooden roaches are more hygienic than cardboard roaches and are better for the environment, as they can be reused, they’re natural and biodegradable. At La Huerta you can find Yellow Finger wooden roaches, made using sustainable materials and no chemicals. They come in two sizes to fit 1 ¼ and King Size papers, in boxes of 10:

  • Small 15x5mm: these roaches are made out of Pau Marfim wood and are ideal for using with 1 ¼ papers
  • Long 25x5mm: made using red eucalyptus wood (Eucalyptus Camaldulensis) and they’re ideal for using King Size papers.

Glass Roaches

Glass roaches are better at conserving flavours, are more hygienic and easy to clean. In order to clean them all you have to do is clean them with some kitchen towel and rubbing alcohol on the outside and inside. In addition, glass cools down smoke more than cardboard or wood, which allows you to enjoy all of the flavours in your cannabis. Some of the best glass mouthpieces are:

RAW Glass mouthpieces are made using high quality glass, available in two different versions, with a flat or round mouthpiece.

  • Round roach: 34 mm long 6 mm diameter
  • Flat roach: 5 mm long 6 mm diameter

Murano Glass Yellow Finger mouthpieces are handmade using the same techniques applied in Murano (Venice) in order to achieve more durability. They come in exclusive designs and are available in two sizes:

  • Small: 24x5mm
  • Large: 29x6mm


PLA, or polylactic acid, is a biodegradable thermoplastic that’s made using renewable resources, such as corn flour, tapioca roots or sugar cane. This is a new type of material that’s being used to make filters and roaches.

Jano filters are reusable filters that can be used 3 to 7 times. They have two sides; the inside has a dent that allows for smoke to pass through and holds the content, and the other side that has a distance designed that you can use to identify different joints if you like leaving the house with everything rolled and ready to go. Jano filters come in 12 different designs, each with their own colour. For example, the blue models have an infinity symbol, the grey ones have a dollar symbol, brown has a star, red has a heart etc. They’re available in bags of 10, boxes of 10 and boxes of 25.

Healthy Roaches

These filters, apart from avoiding any bits of cannabis filtering through and refreshing the drag, also filter a wide range of impurities caused by combustion.

  • Spliff Stik Roach: this isn’t the most discreet roach; it looks like the ones Audrey Hepburn or Pink Panther used to use. However, they have a coil inside through which smoke is filtered, removing impurities while also cooling down the smoke. It’s easy to take apart and clean, and once you try it out and see how many impurities it catches you’ll realise how handy it is. Keep in mind you should only use it at home or in cannabis clubs and associations.
  • RAW Cellulose filter: these filters are biodegradable, vegan, and mad eusing natural fibers. Available in bags of 200 filters. 6mm diameter, 15mm length.
  • Actitube filters manage to maintain the aroma, flavour and effects of your cannabis, reducing a large part of the negative substances produced by combustion. They have active carbon pellets inside, and the end that’s white goes inside the joint or cigarette, made out of ceramic in order to avoid any burnt flavours, associated with cardboard filters. Available sizes: Actitibe: 9mm x 35mm, and Actitube Slim 7mm x 27mm.
  • Jilter Filters: these sponge filters fit inside of cardboard filters. These models reduce tar and nicotine levels, improving flavours and keeping your teeth from staining. You can reduce the risks associated with smoking using Jilter Filters. Available in boxes of 42 units and bags of 1000.
  • The Q-Tip Slim Click filter is made using acetate and it has a flavoured capsule inside available in different aromas. Filter length: 20mm; diamater: 5mm (slim). Available in 4 flavours: Apple-Mint, Berry-Mint, Mojito and Menthol.

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