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Mandala Seeds

Mandala Seeds

Mandala Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that started in Malaga in 2004; the founders of this seed bank, Mike and Jasmine, have plenty of experience due to their travels around the world. They spent their time collecting landrace strains all over the world; these strains are super special and were the base for their entire seed bank.

What Types of Seeds do Mandala Seeds Breed?

Mandala Seeds offers a wide range of regular seeds made using 100% organic methods. They also have a decent price/quality ratio. They make sure to meticulously select their seeds and put them through germination controls in order to offer you the best possible experience in your grow.

You’ll be able to find landrace strains such as the potent Satori or the resinous Hashberry, as well as potent hybrids such as the energetic Krystalica.

Mandala Seeds strains’ come in packs of 10 seeds.

If you can’t make up your mind yet about what seed to choose, make sure to get in touch with our team for the best advice.

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