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Other Anti-Odour Systems


Other Anti-Odour Systems

Anti-odour Systems for Grow Rooms

Keeping your indoor cannabis grow discreet is incredibly important, just as it’s important to stay discreet when consuming cannabis. Here you can find all types of products designed to get rid of aromas in grow rooms or rooms near grow rooms, as well as products designed to get rid of the smell of cannabis smoke or vapour.

How to Get Rid of Cannabis Odour?

Apart from anti-odour filters and ozone generators, there are other solutions to get rid of cannabis aromas when flowering or when consuming cannabis.

Anti-odour filters and ozone generators stop aromas from escaping through the extraction system, although they don’t always stop aromas from leaking to other parts of your grow room.

In order to get rid of these odours you can try out some of the following products:


The Neutralizer is a type of terpene aromatherapy that eliminates cannabis odours with naturally formed terpenes. Unlike other products. Neutralizer doesn’t just cover up the aroma, it destroys it with other terpenes. It’s ideal for using in rooms that are near your grow room or in and near rooms in cannabis clubs; ideal for smoking at home without creating any odour.

  • Neutralizer Kit: this kit is specifically designed to get rid of cannabis odour in rooms near your grow. It’s also effective in rooms near cannabis associations. It doesn’t produce any type of aroma, it simply eliminates cannabis aromas and is effective up to 375 m3. 5 – 6 weeks per refill.
  • Neutralizer Compact Kit: this is the compact version of the earlier kit, adapted for 15 – 20 m3 grow rooms.
  • Neutralizer Road Kit: this kit is ideal for your vehicle. It’s connected up to your 12v lighter inlet and can get rid of all odours within 5 minutes. It can last up to 92h of continuous use and comes with refills for all kits.


ONA efficiently gets rid of odours and leaves behind a lovely aroma. Ona degrades odour molecules in no time at all.

Available in 5 fragrances:

  • Apple Crumble
  • Fresh Linen
  • Polar Crystal
  • Pro
  • Tropics

Ona comes in different formats adapted for different uses:

  • Spray: this comes ready to use and works instantly.
  • Block: placed with holes in the lid or with the Ona control Duct.
  • Liquid: to be used with a sprayer.
  • Gel: to be used with the Ona Breeze dispenser
  • Ona Control Duct: this is placed at the furthest end of your extraction ducting. It’s a metal tube with a compartment for storing your Ona Block. The air that goes through the ona block is cleaned and stops any unwanted aromas from getting out to the street.
  • Breeze Dispenser: this is designed to be exclusively used with Ona Gel. The Breeze dispenser is attached to the
  • Ona Spray Card: the Ona spray card is a small device that allows you to keep it on you at all times. Ona spray is ideal for using in small rooms, cars, bathrooms etc.

We also have anti-odour bags for transporting materials that can be sealed, keeping all aromas inside and away from nosy noses.

Available sizes:

  • 15 x 25 cm
  • 30 x 40 cm
  • 43 x 56 cm
  • 91 x 56 cm
  • 130 x 91 cm
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